Savvy Collector » Black Checkered Rabbit by Nicolas Ortiz | Mata Ortiz | Pottery | Sculpture

By: Savvy Collector  11-11-2011

This black on black rabbit, for which the artist is famous, featured checkered designs against the shiny pottery surface. The rabbit's expression is unique to Nicolas Ortiz, as well as his posture.

His original price tag remains attached to his back foot.

Marked Down from $750 to $600

(20th Century) "Nicolas Ortiz Estrada may be the most inspired of all the Mata Ortiz artists. His abilities are legendary, and his creative energy is boundless. . . As a potter, Nicolas is a sculptor first and a painter second, and his effigy pots are both realistic in form and beautifully painted. Nicolas learned the basics of potting from his younger brother Macario and from hanging around Felix's group during the late 1970's.

His work was featured in the University of New Mexico Art Museum exhibit in 1995, and ever since he has been overwhelmed with orders. His painted rabbit of polished buff clay in that show attracted numerous requests for more.

Nicolas stands 6' 7" tall and lives with his family in Barrio Porvenir. This artist makes javelina, black rabbits, eagles, snakes, nice and even a desert tortoise." The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz was the source of the above information.

The information in this article was current at 08 Nov 2011

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