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By: Savuti Communications  12-08-2011
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  • ADSL Services

    Savuti has a wide variety of ADSL Internet service provider offerings. We pride ourselves on quality of service. Our ADSL is of better quality and reliability. This Includes, but is not limited to, Uncapped ADSL, Uncapped ADSL with Static IP addresses, Capped and Shaped ADSL Accounts, Capped and un-shaped ADSL Accounts

  • Fixed Line Services

    Internet service providing over Fixed lines or "Diginet lines", are a dedicated end to end carrier solutions supplied by Telko companies such as Neotel, Telkom, Vodacom, etc.
    Savuti leverages off these services to offer dedicated internet bandwidth. The benefits of these services, unlike ADSL, is that the Telko offers a SLA on the lines, thus improving availability and reliability. The other advantage is that these line have a guaranteed bandwidth feed, with a low contention ratio,
    and are not oversubscribed or running high contention ratios. The general application of these type of fixed lines
    is to carry mission critical traffic, such as e-mail, hosting of web services, e-commerce or and business services that demand high availability and reliability. Although the lines are more costly than ADSL, this is the only way to go for corporate peace of mind.

    Should you have any further queries regarding these services for your company, please contact us
  • Secure Hosting Services

    Savuti offers internet service provider solutions from a secure N+1 hosting environment,
    With biometric access control, generators, Inverters and air conditioning.
    your company will be allocated rack space and static IP addresses for your equipment.
    There is also SMS and e-mail notifications on all your services you co-locate with Savuti.
    Your company services will be allocated one gigabit ethernet connectivity to the internet,
    and be billed only for the bandwidth you utilize. The hosted environment is managed by advanced
    packet filtering firewalls with real time reporting on usage.

    Should you have any further queries regarding these services for your company, please contact us
  • Web Development Services

    You are a business trying to compete in an ever increasingly technical ISP marketplace.
    Whether you're a small business wanting to make a splash on the web, or a large business desiring a full service web application,
    we will help you achieve all your goals at affordable rates.

    What We Do For You:
    We find better ways of making things happen. We provide you with professional web development solutions that enables your business to be more successful online.
    Our company has vast experience in designing and building easy to understand, neat and clean web sites.
  • Domain Registration

    Should you require any domain registrations or just want to park a domain, we offer full management services regarding domains on most major extensions.
    eg. .com .org .net .biz etc..

  • 3G Routing and APN management

    Savuti has recently taken on APN management services, with termination points at major celullar providers, we offer 3G network to network routing with managed backend radius servers and applications, these services allow your company to use the 3G network for redundancy and fail over for fixed line services that are currently available.

  • POP mailbox Services

    We offer fully functional POP mailbox hosting for your own company domain, these services include a webmail interface, anti spam filtering, with a personal anti spam console, this allows you to manage your own spam quarantine, and release or white list any mails. There is no limit to the amount of mailboxes or domains you can host. We also do a managed exchange hosting solution.

  • Keywords: adsl, Fixed Line, Internet Service, Internet Service Provider, Internet Service Providing, Secure Hosting, Web Development

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