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Field of Dreams Absinthe

Field of Dreams Absinthe is as seductive and inspiring as its famous devotees.  It is distilled in small batches from home grown organic herbs, especially Versailles wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) together with anise, fennel and angelica in the finest traditions of the French masters - to an 1871 recipe.  The colouring herbs used to create the vibrant green hue and complete the complex flavour profile feature hyssop, melissa and roman wormwood.

Field of Dreams Absinthe Superior is inspired by the Belle Époque when the beautiful people of the Café Society of the Left Bank and Montmartre were living in a culture of intense creativity and excitement.  Painters, poets, writers, thinkers and society belles and beaux indulged in the legendary excesses of the period.  Their muse was life itself fuelled by wild enjoyment of Absinthe, the notorious Green Fairy.

The great works of Hemmingway, Wilde, Degas, Manet, Van Gough, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Poe, Baudelaire and countless others owe at least something to visions seen in a field of dreams inspired by Absinthe.

Ultimately these excesses ruined the virtue and sanity of many.  Ears went missing, drunkenness became commonplace and the beautiful people succumbed to their Bohemian lifestyles, leading ultimately to the banning of Absinthe in 1915.  Thankfully the work of the beautiful people remains to inspire and show us our potential.

Our Absinthe does not, though, as per the legend, make you hallucinate (much), see green fairies, paint like Degas, write like Hemmingway or be as wild as Wilde – who knows what you will see in our Field of Dreams, or what it will see in you!

For maximum enjoyment the required amount of Field of Dreams Absinthe should be diluted slowly with three times its volume of iced water.  Watch the mesmerising louche, or colour change, savour the fragrance and sip slowly.  If you prefer your absinthe sweeter drip the iced water over a cube of sugar and let it dissolve into the absinthe.  Its legendary panty dropping powers diminish if too much is drunk, so please savour your Field of Dreams, don't savage it.

Note:  Field of Dreams is an authentic high-proof 72% absinthe.  Our ingredients are organic and our process is traditional, first distilling with freshly dried primary herbs from the current season, then infusing with the secondary colouring herbs at precisely the right temperature to create balance and finesse.   We do not use essences and artificial colourants.

Note note: correctly made pre-ban absinthe never contained enough thujone to actually harm anyone.  Several of the botanicals we use in Field of Dreams do contain thujone, but it is balance, depth and authenticity that we strive for.

Roger with a bundle of Hyssop that he grew on the farm: all the herbs for flavouring of our Field of Dreams Absinthe are grown by us at Versailles.

The ingreidents for the Field of Dreams Absinthe, some for flavour and some for colouring.

Distilling the Absinthe at 80 plus percent alchohol.

The green flow as the colouring herbs are infused with the flavoured spirits ..

Jorgensen’s Distillery is a founder member of VOC, the Voluntary Organic Commitment.

Price: R400.00 per bottle (The first release is 450 bottles - one batch per annum)
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