Saville Consulting - Wave Performance Culture Framework Card Set

By: Saville Consulting  11-11-2011

A Flexible and Interactive Toolkit, used to Drive Assessment Applications

We have presented our Performance and Culture Framework in a card set. The content reflects the behaviours, abilities and global measures which our research has identified as key to driving performance and potential in roles, teams and organisations.

Card sort sessions provide an engaging, involving and interactive experience for line mangers, HR teams and consultants. They can be used to compare and contrast views across a wide range of applications.

The Framework is built around the Saville Consulting behaviour, ability and global measures, each represented on a set of cards. These are supported by a series of question cards and a choice of five rating scales.

The cards are packaged with data collator spreadsheets and a User Guide. The Guide introduces the Wave Performance and Culture model and advises on how to facilitate effective 1-1 and group “card sort” sessions.

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The enhanced validity of the Wave Professional Styles and Focus Styles assessments demonstrated in our landmark research ensures that the effective assessment of people has been taken to a new level. The Wave suite has been specifically designed to identify superior performance in selection, to drive individual development, to manage talent and potential, and to improve the retention of staff.


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The output is a clearly and visually presented report collating views across the Wave Performance Framework i.e. behaviours, abilities and global measures with open text boxes recording views on job purpose and any additional requirements.