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By: Sat  11-11-2011
Keywords: Client Engagement, Engagement Model

Small and Medium businesses who need to extract maximum value from their IT investment should engage Space Age’s Advisory and Consulting Services to develop a strategy for turning their IT platform into a business enabler. Our processes, based on Microsoft’s Core Infrastructure Optimisation model, aim to save money through structured deployment of IT whilst increasing and optimizing efficiency and productivity of the IT platform.

Our technicians and consultants are graded from Tier 1 through to Tier 4. Progression through these tiers is an uncompromising and rigorous process. This ensures that our Tier 3 and 4 consultants are highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals with many years experience in the IT industry and an in depth knowledge of IT optimization, standardisation and best practices.

Space Age client engagement model : Advisory & Consulting Services

Space Age seeks to add value to our clients’ businesses. The Advisory and Consulting Services in the engagement model diagram above illustrates the following steps that form part of this model.

Business Assessments, and Technical Assessments:

  • We seek long term relationships which begin with our Consultants getting to know the business, the IT environment and any specific needs the business may have.
  • Our Business assessments summarise the goals of the business and how IT can help achieve them.
  • The Technical assessments provide a detailed report on the technical status of the IT platform and identifies areas of strength and of weakness.

IT strategy & roadmap, and Solution Development:

  • With the information gathered from the Business and Technology assessments, together with the decision makers, we translate the business strategy into a technology solution, thus building a roadmap for the business that aligns with its goals.

We use the Microsoft Infrastructure Optimisation models as a guide in building the roadmap for an IT platform that not only is a business enabler, but also becomes a strategic asset to the business. This process for the IT platform, called Core Infrastructure Optimisation, is illustrated below. Our assessments identify where the business’s IT is positioned in the model below (Basic, Standardised, Rationalised or Dynamic) and our Solution Development aims to move the business towards a Dynamic IT scenario.

Keywords: Client Engagement, Engagement Model

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