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By: Sasuka  11-11-2011
Keywords: Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture

Sasuka’s core service is to provide business and analytical intelligence solutions to our clients, that deliver the ability to learn from the past, monitor and communicate the present and gain insight into the future of the organisation. These solutions are enabled by integrating information from disparate systems, to derive one version of the truth.

Sasuka also provides services in defining and assisting in the implementation of an Enterprise Architecture. This service enables proper alignment the client’s strategy to the entire organisation.

To support the solution implemented, Sasuka offers training services to clients to ensure that the solution provided will be well maintained. Through the PDI training program, skilled human resources become available to be recruited by clients.

Consulting Services

The approach that Sasuka follows is to start with an assessment of the high-level business needs of the organisation for the type of the solution, before commencing with the actual implementation of the project. Project management and Quality Assurance is an integral component of the implementation process.

Sasuka provides a complete implementation and support service around the integrated information architecture to deliver accurate, consolidated enterprise information. These services are provided in accordance with best practice methodologies.

· Data cleansing solutions that are key in producing reliable and accurate data as input to the analytical processes. These results are used to make strategic decisions in taking the business forward
· Performance management reporting to automate the process of communicating business strategy, and analysing and monitoring the performance of the organisation up to an employee’s level
· Financial reporting solutions to gain predictive and analytical insight into financial planning and budgeting
· IT resource management solutions to provide reliable information on IT usage and costs
· Customer relationship management solutions to understand customer’s behavioural patterns, for the business marketing strategy
· Human capital management solutions to align management goals of individual employees with corporate strategy

BI and data warehousing competencies are provided to previously disadvantaged students by enrolling them in comprehensive training programs. Training is provided free of charge. Once students are qualified, they can pursue a rewarding and challenging career in the IT industry with an internationally recognized certificate. Sasuka is exceptionally proud of the work and results achieved to date by its training initiative.

Sasuka has capabilities and experience in Information Technology strategy development. As organisations move towards e-Strategy, some fail in that they assume that e-Business or e-Government is the same as the norm. This is where Sasuka can assist your business.

King (1995) suggests that the guiding architecture of an organisation should be based on the strategic vision. In other words, the vision bridges the organisations “As Is” and its proposed future state “To Be”. The organisation’s survival is dependent on its current and future capabilities. Organisations survive from the synergy of their capabilities.

Through Enterprise Architecture, i.e. the design of Information systems from Business Architecture, Information Architecture and Technology Architecture, Sasuka will help your organisation leverage the current IT investments and propose future technologies to ascertain your organisation’s survival through enabling technologies. EA will guide all IT decisions and validate investments made.

Keywords: Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture