By: Saspac  11-11-2011

SASPAC SMS offers an SMS gateway with specialised functionality - it gives users the ability to communicate instantly with parents and children.

SASPAC SMS consists of two components:

  • SMS Server
  • SASPAC Messenger

SMS Server

SASPAC SMS Server forms the gateway which transmits SMS messages from the school to the cellular provider. It can be configured to run in either automatic or manual mode - automatic mode sends messages according to a user-set schedule.

The following notifications are available:

  • When a learner is registered as absent.
  • When a learner misdemeanour is logged - for all misdemeanours, or only those with a specific code.
  • Outstanding school fees - at a specific time.

The system also enables sending of single, customised SMS messages, and keeps a complete history log.


SASPAC Messenger is the user's interface to the messaging service, and enables both sending and receiving of messages from/to multiple locations.

Key features:

  • Sending of e-mail and SMS to:
    • Parents (filtering available)
    • Groups (parents, educators and others)
    • Educators
    • Others (custom cellphone numbers)

SASPAC Messenger enables recipients to reply to individual sender workstations, and has error-reporting capabilities, enabling users to rectify problems with invalid cellphone numbers.

The system can also be configured to notify users immediately when a new message arrives.

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By reducing dependence on regular paper-based reports to parents who prefer digital communication. Subjects & Marks - marks per term.