By: Saspac  11-11-2011

SASPAC Global is a simple, efficient way for parents and educators to obtain information on learners’ and school information through a web site.

Educational information is a powerful tool, enabling educators, parents and learners to make important decisions based on facts.

Access to this information needs to be available at all times, from anywhere. SASPAC Global packages this availability into an easy-to-use web site.

Information available through the web site includes:

  • Personal details & addresses
  • Absenteeism - dates & reasons
  • Misdemeanours - dates, reasons & actions taken
  • Subjects & Marks - marks per term
  • Financial transaction history
  • Homework
  • Projects

All reports can be printed, and are formatted for simplicity.

how does SASPAC Global work?

The web server hosting the web site is installed at the school and a link is created to the SASPAC database giving parents real time information.

what about security?

Secure access to confidential information is a priority at SASPAC.

Details can only be accessed by logging in with a unique username and password combination. School staff members do not have access to login details - these can only be obtained through the password retrieval function on the website. In addition, the SASPAC Global website is protected by a professionally maintained firewall infrastructure.

SASPAC Global:

  • Offers convenience to parents, governing body members, and other stakeholders.
  • Reduces stationery costs, by reducing dependence on regular paper-based reports to parents who prefer digital communication.

Other products and services from Saspac


SASPAC Library

The system imports learners and educators from the SASPAC core, and management of the following is done from a single screen. SASPAC library can store borrowers' photos, and individual photos can be displayed when items are returned. Fingerprint Identification for Educators and Learners.



SASPAC Messenger is the user's interface to the messaging service, and enables both sending and receiving of messages from/to multiple locations. Gateway with specialised functionality - it gives users the ability to communicate instantly with parents and children. SASPAC SMS Server forms the gateway which transmits SMS messages from the school to the cellular provider.