By: Sapaesa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Medical Aid, Emergency Medical, Ambulance Service

A national Network of BHF registered private ambulance services located through-out South Africa.

Our members provide the following services to medical aid schemes, managed care organizations, members of the public and corporations within their geographical regions:

  • Emergency Medical Response to the scene of a medical emergency. This includes but is not limited to, emergencies at home, motor vehicle accidents, work-place accidents and sport-related incidents.
  • Inter-facility Transfers. When a patient needs to be moved from one hospital to another in order to provide specialized care, needs to be moved from a hospital to a frail care facility or return home after a medical procedure, your local SAPAESA member is always available to assist.
  • Event Standbys: Whether you are hosting a sporting event, conference, festival, expo, performance or concert, SAPAESA’s members have the infrastructure in place to provide your medical support requirements.
  • Air Evacuations: Certain SAPAESA member’s offer emergency evacuation or transfer services by way of either dedicated air ambulance service or strategic partnerships with air ambulance providers. This vital link in the chain of survival helps to ensure that you reach the most appropriate medical facility as soon as possible during your time of need.
  • Training: If you are looking for ambulance, first aid, fire safety, health and safety or CPR training, your local SAPAESA member may be able to assist you. Contact you local SAPAESA member to find out which courses are available in your area.

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