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By: Sani Valley  11-11-2011

If one had to choose a way of life what would it be? It has been a question posed often by people, from all sorts of backgrounds. Often an idle threat to change the way you live. Well we decided to make the break from the urban way of living and move to possibly the most awesome setting imaginable. With two young kids, two dogs a cat and a budgie, we arrived at Sani Valley on 15 July 2008, slightly cooler than the East Coast of South Africa in Ballito, where we were living but far quieter. We both love nature, although with no formal education in it, we decided that there are more important aspects to life.  With Samantha as a professional photographer and Gareth with a background in finance and banking, but with an undying love for wild life and nature, we needed little persuading on moving to Sani Valley…well moving to Sani Valley was easy, giving up everything we knew was possibly a bigger decision, but wow, when our delivery truck arrived we new the right decision had been made. 

Gareth age 37, Sam a little younger (age not allowed to be displayed on the internet) Jordan nearly 4 and Madison nearly 2, we look forward to welcoming you at Sani Valley. 

Now that you know a little about us we look forward to learning a little about you.

 Till we meet


 Gareth, Sam, Jordan and Madison