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By: Samsung Epic 4g  11-11-2011

Provided you have rooted your device , you can also “flash” custom ROMs (community-built versions of an operating system, like Android 2.2), Kernels and Radios (last two for more advanced users). This little tutorial should show you how to basically do this on your phone.
At first you need to get into the “recovery” by pressing 1 (on your hard-qwertykeyboard)and power button, while your phone is off. When you’ve done this, nandroid-Backup! do this by going to Backup/Restore => Nand backup. (This is not a must, but i emphasize EVERYONE to do this, as it makes your live much easier, if the custom – flashable doesn’t work). After doing this wipe via wipe => wipe ALL userdata. Then go to “flash .zip from SD card” (this zip must be already on your SDcard, PACKED), choose the zip and press “Yes”, give it some time and after it’s done, reboot. Now you should be done!
But beware:

  • Always read the thread you have your ROM from. (a very save source is
  • There might be extra steps to do as doing “ODIN” or things like that, so read through it!
  • ROMs, which are built for other phones, WILL brick your phone .
  • Have fun with your new custom Operating System!
    (This works in 99% of all cases, but there is still a chance that it will brick your phone!)