By: Samsig  11-11-2011

Feedback: Transact Triathlon congress at Ironman South Africa

SAMSIG was well presented at the 1st Transact Triathlon Congress in Port
Elizabeth on 9 April 2011. The congress was part of the Specsavers South
African Ironman competition, which took place on Sunday 11 April.

Approximately 50 delegates were present. The congress was attended by sports
physicians, physiotherapists, biokineticists, podiatrists and other related
disciplines. SAMSIG was represented by Drs. Andrew van den Heever, Richard
de Villiers, Francois Roux and Ettienne Steenkamp. Case studies relevent to
triathlon were shown by the radiology speakers.

Cases shown included: Bankart
lesion, Bennet fracture, cystic adventitial disease of the popliteal artery,
calcific popliteus tendinosis, effort thrombosis, cyclist’s nodule and
adductor canal syndrome.  The congress was a great success and the feedback
extremely positive.

Upcoming Events:

Ironman SASMA/SAMSIG conference meeting in April 2011 in Port Elizabeth
Proposed 3-day SAMSIG case review meeting in July 2011 in Durban.
SASMA conference in October 2011 in Johannesburg.(SAMSIG to hold workshop)

Minutes of SAMSIG AGM 2010

Chairman: Dr R De Villiers
Held at Chobe following the Samsig conference.

Matters Arising
• Financials: Currently R80 000 in Samsig kitty. Dr Ralph Posner to remain as treasurer. Further funding is available from RSSA.

• Membership: Remains free. Samsig members encouraged to grow membership at local level. DR JC Koenig tasked to approach Free State to encourage membership.

• Local meetings: Members encouraged to drive local/regional meetings in the next year. Approach vendors for sponsorship. To send details of meetings to Dr Zietkiewicz so that can be loaded onto website.

• SAMSA conference 2011: Again arranged to piggy back onto their meeting in October 2011. Conference falls on a Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday.

• SAMSIG conference 2012: Jambosafaris had given short presentation on Swakopmund in Nambia as a possible venue. Other options to be explored including Kruger in Mpumalanga and Phinda in KZN. Dr Velleman to investigate possibilities in and around Kruger and Dr Mercouris/Ziet to investigate Phinda.

Meeting closed.


Chobe Marina Lodge

SAMSIG is hosting the Meet the Experts in Africa meeting as part of the SAMSIG 2010 annual meeting. The conference will be at Chobe in Botswana. The 3 day conference will take place from 4-8 October 2010. The format will be high level MSK with case presentations by all delegates. All cases will be interactive.Confirmed delegates to date are Rusty Fritz (USA) and Phil Lucas (Australia).

Many other MSK subspecialists have expressed interest.