By: Salberg Concrete Products  11-11-2011

The Slotted Drain, the patented storm water drainage system, is being used extensively at Soccer City

THE SLOTTED DRAIN, the patented storm water drainage system designed and manufactured by Salberg Concrete Products, has provided a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing drainage alternative at Soccer City. Now nearing completion, the stadium will stage the opening and final games of next year’s World Cup soccer competition.

Salberg’s Slotted Drain is being used for laying over 1 800m of storm water drainage on the outer perimeter of the stadium. A total of 1 235m x 300mm (inner diameter) piping is being laid in a drainage ring around the entire stadium some 20m from the edge of its outer wall but inside the fence which surrounds the inner stadium precinct . A further 650m x 450mm (internal diameter) has been laid just outside the inner precinct at the southern end of the stadium, where there are paved roads, pavements and concrete benches.

The ground surfaces of both the inner and outer precincts are being extensively paved which means the drains will have to cope with considerable quantities of storm water run-off.

The system was installed by three contractors Liviero Civils, Stefanutti Stocks Earthworks and Sanyati. Liviero Civils was responsible for the inner precinct installation while Stefanutti and Sanyati handled the outer precinct work. All three contractors agree that the system is simple and quick to install using laying methodology provided by Salberg.

Salberg managing director, Pat Pretorius, says that paved areas are especially prone to surface drainage problems.

“Parking areas and pedestrian malls are often laid level resulting in water pools and wet feet when it rains. Inadequate drainage can also lead to the formation of pools on road surfaces. This is not only inconvenient but results in major traffic accidents and hold-ups. Our slotted drain solves this problem providing up to 20 metres of sloping invert at 0.75 percent,” says Pretorius.

The slotted drain system is ideal for gently sloping areas and the bottom of kerbed or un-kerbed areas. Easy to clean, it is actually a pipe and drop inlet in one and is hydraulic efficient along its full length. Unlike the old channel and grate system, the Slotted Drain requires no metal grating which could be stolen. Above all it allows the free-flow of traffic, and unlike closed pipes which can only function partially full, the drain can run at 100% capacity.

Available in three internal diameters, 150mm, 300mm and 450mm the Slotted Drain is able to cope with surface water drainage ranging from a single tap to major highways. It is also suitable for various types of surfaces. These include:

  • Paved – with either blocks, concrete or bitumen

  • Gravel roadways or shoulders

  • Cut fill slopes

  • Grassed areas

  • Woods and gardens

  • Cultivated areas.

Slotted Drain sections can be installed on a curve and are butt-ended to facilitate installations which are similar to conventional channel installations. Moreover, individual sections can be sequentially numbered to ensure they are correctly installed.

In addition to Soccer City, the Slotted Drain has also been used by Sasol and Engen in the forecourts of new service stations where it is used to channel fuel spills and washbay water into a holding tank. A system has also been installed at the Pretoria Fresh Produce market.

Salberg Concrete Products is a member of the CMA (Concrete Manufacturers Association) and manufacturers to SABS and CMA standards using ISO 9001 methodology.

A Salberg Concrete Products’ patented Slotted Drain system under construction at the northern end of Soccer City, the stadium south of Johannesburg where some of next year’s World Cup soccer matches will be staged.

A stack of Slotted Drain units await deployment at Soccer City

Slotted Drains, manufactured by Salberg Concrete Products, seen here at the southern end of Soccer City.

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