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By: Sagl  11-11-2011
Keywords: Wheat Grading



Hectolitre mass,kg/hl (Kern 222)(Method SANAS accredited) (ISO 7971-3,2009 (E))

Screenings, % (1.786 mm) (Method SANAS Accredited)

Gravel, stones, turf and glass, %

Foreign matter, % (Including Gravel, stones, turf and glass)

Other grain and unthreshed ears,%

*Heat damaged kernels, %

*Immature kernels, %

*Insect damaged kernels, %

*Sprouted kernels, %

Total *Damaged kernels, %

Combined deviations, % (Screenings+Other grain,etc.+Foreign matter+Damaged kernels)

Heavily frost damaged kernels, %

Field fungi, %

Storage fungi, %

Ergot, %

Noxious seeds (Crotolariasp., Daturasp., Ricinis communis)

Noxious seeds (Argemone mexicana L., Convolvulussp., Ipomoea purpurea Roth., Lolium temulentum, Xanthiumsp.)

Undesirable odour

Live insects

WWF protein, % (12 % mb)(AACC 46-30, 1999) (Method SANAS Accredited)

WWF falling number, sec. (ICC 107/1, 1995) (Method SANAS Accredited)

WWF moisture, % (2 hour oven)(ICC 110/1, 1976) (Method SANAS Accredited)

Class and grade

Moisture, % (103ºC - 72 hour oven whole kernels) (Wheat Grading Regulations Gavernment Gazette No. 33860 dated 17 December 2010, Regulation No. R. 1186)(Method SANAS Accredited)

Hectolitre mass (Kern 222) is carried out according to ISO 7971-3, 2009 (E). Remaining wheat grading is carried out according to Government Gazette No. 33860 dated 17 December 2010, Regulation No. R.1186 (minimum mass/minimum massa 1.5kg)






Keywords: Wheat Grading

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