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By: Safe Seal  11-11-2011
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Safe Seal's specialization areas include: Waterproofing, Damp-proofing and Building protection.

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A wide range of building defects can result in rainwater entering the building. The symptoms are usually obvious, for example, water dripping through a ceiling.

Safe Seal use a good range of products to treat waterproofing problems common to buildings in Southern Africa: - A multi-purpose, acrylic-based emulsion, which is mixed with portland cement and applied in conjunction with flexseal membrane. Flexseal can be used for waterproofing of balconies (before tiling), flower boxes, soil-retaining walls, showers, reservoirs, and ponds. - A colourless siloxane water-repellent for preventing rain penetration through outside walls. - a cement-based, polymer modified powder, which is mixed with water (or diluted Bondaid Plus) and applied by block-brush or trowel. One cured, SWS Slurry forms a waterproof barrier. It has a wide range of waterproofing applications, but is particularly suited to waterproofing reservoirs and basements.

Safe Seal's range of damp-proofing products and services are designed to deal with dampness entering buildings from the ground.

Dampness can enter the building from the ground in two ways:

    Often buildings are constructed without effective damp-proofing, due to faulty design or construction. This allows moisture to enter the building, often resulting in decorative spoiling (such as paint blisters or flaking) and an unpleasant "musty" smell.

    Utilising basement space has become an increasingly popular trend in Europe and the United States in recent years. More and more new houses are incorporating basements in their design, and old, damp, basements are being up-graded to provide new living space.

    Although this trend is partly driven by high property prices in these parts of the world, other factors, such as the natural insulation provided by basements are also important. A basement can provide a quiet space in a noisy city, or can provide wines with the stable tempertaure environment that they need to mature. Whatever use you decide to put your basement to, however, it is important that is is correctly waterproofed.Basement Waterproofing SystemsIn South Africa, Safeguard supply two types of system for waterproofing exisiting basements: The CDM system can also be used during construction to waterproof basements in new buildings. Please contact our technical helpline for details.

    Safe Seal's services and products have now grown from its origins in waterproofing and damp-proofing to include other specialist construction chemicals that include:

    • Plasteraid - a special bonding liquid used to improve the adhesion of cement plasters and renders.
    • Tileaid - a latex-based bonding liquid for improving the performance of tile adhesives and grouts.
    • Tileprime - a liquid used for priming surfaces to be tiled when tile adhesives may have difficulty adhering.
    • Bondaid Plus - A multi-purpose liquid admixture formulated for use in bonding slurries, screeds, rendering, and other cementitious mixes.

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