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Keywords: Sabre

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We keep stock of swords, gloves, masks and almost all parts for repairs.  We do not keep stock of clothing; this must be ordered specific to size and will take 8-10 weeks from supplier subject to shipping.

(Pictures are a guide and your order may vary slightly from that pictured)

Code Description NEW
Fencing Bags  
Handles & Accessories  
F1003 Foil/Epee Rubber French Handle 85
S1001 Sabre Rubber French Handle 100
F1000 85
FE5000 30
F5000 French Foil Pommel, Brass 65
E5000 French Epee Pommel, Brass 80
S5000 45
F2001 80
E2000 Epee Guard, 130mm, Extra Strong 95
S2000 Sabre Guard, with rubber cover 100
Electric Epee Plastic Pad 10
S2002 Sabre Guard Rubber Cover 25
F6000 110
E6000 110
F6001 25
E6001 25
F4000 55
E4000 55
F3000 90
E3000 90
S4000 40
FES7002 445
FES7005 Gauge with Leather Cover 60
FES7003 100
F301 560
F303 600
F320 110
S301 600
F400 730
S400 1100
FES500 560
FES501 490
FES502 370
FES601 440
FES600 Men's Chest Protector 390
FES700 230
S702 290
S703 110
FES800 Fencing Shoes (UK4-11) 490
F201 Practice Foil Blade  135
E201 Practice Epee Blade 145
S200 Practice Sabre Blade 125
F100 Complete Practice Foil (Pistol Grip) 280
E100 Complete Practice Epee (Pistol Grip) 330
F204 Electric Foil Blade (Complete) 260
F203 Electric Foil Blade (Bare, No Point) 175
E204 Electric Epee Blade (Complete) 280
E203 Electric Epee Blade (Bare, No Point) 175
S201 Electric Sabre Blade 140
F103 460
E103 500
S103 480

Keywords: Sabre