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By: Sacd  11-11-2011
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SACD Freight’s services offer our customers a complete, end-to-end, supply chain management solution. We can also customise our services around specific transportation logistics according to our customers needs. SACD Freight's services fall into the following broad categories:

SACD’s freight services ensure that your needs will be met in a reliable, flexible and innovative manner.

Having the capacity to manage entire supply chains from source to destination through a partnership with global forwarders has ensured the popularity of SACD Freight’s services. Hallmarks of SACD Freight’s service include a complete supply chain management solution along with flexibility, reliability, continual innovation, and the provision of timeous information to customers.

By employing the services of SACD Freight you will have access to the 75 000 m of warehousing space located close to deep sea terminals throughout South Africa including the inland port of Johannesburg. These facilities offer various services that enhance the success of our transportation logistics for your import and export needs.

We handle over 500 000 containers annually and store, at any one time, over 15 000 containers both full and empty. When it comes to container management SACD Freight’s services will not disappoint.

Transportation is one of SACD Freight’s main services - specialists in this field we customise our services around specific transportation logistics to best suite your needs. Whatever you need to transport and wherever you need to transport it to – it’s SACD’s freight services you’ll want to have access to.

In the import and export game documentation is key and this is why it is important to use a reliable company to take care of all you needs as far as documentation is concerned. Documentation is one of SACD Fright’s leading services and it will ensure that the importing and exporting of goods is transparent and entirely legal in both the country you are moving goods from and the country you are moving goods into.

As part of the BidVest Group SACD Freight has access to its impressive network of services and facilities. This not only enhances the freight services offerings but has enabled SACD to become South Africa’s supply chain management solutions market leader.

One of our key freight services, electronic information allows us to have complete awareness and control over the operation no matter where your goods are. Our sophisticated technical infrastructure ensures that our clients are always satisfied with our services.

SACD Cape Town has celebrated its first year anniversary this January 2011, since opening its 20 000m2 customs licensed, food, wine and beverage warehouse. The facility which is located just 800m from the Cape Town port has been designed to meet all specifications and requirements for the afore mentioned industries.

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