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By: Sabscans  11-11-2011
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We distribute a wide range of tin cans in different shapes and sizes, suitable for various applications.

W e Distribute plain and decorated Tin Containers, our product range include: * Round tin cans in different dias and shapes
* Irregular Cans from 6 liter to 1/4 liter (rectangular, square, oval)
* Open top soldered and welded food cans
* Shoe polish tins and cream tins of 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml etc, made in tinplate and aluminium
* Thermoflask outers and oil filter bodies
* Pilfer proof and screw caps of different sizes.
* Specialized decorated cans for cosmetics including talcum powder.
* Specilaized cans for confectionery, tea, coffee, powder milk and a number of other products. We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the product specifications.

Please browse down and find your requirement, should you not find your need than contact us and we will meet your needs.


SABSCANS offers a complete line of steel paint cans in sizes from 125mg through 5liters All use the latest welding technology from manufacturing locations around Pakistan.
Our technical and engineering resources are available to help you choose the right container specification for your product whether it is a lined or plain can.
We offer the most extensive lithography capability to provide attention-getting appearance for your product. OBLONG CANS

SABSCANS distributes a complete line of steel oblong cans for the solvent, charcoal lighter and edible oil industries.
These cans are available in sizes from 500ml through Imperial 5Liters. Our 5 liter cans are available with either a clinched bridge handle or a unique fold down handle that allows vertical stacking on retail shelves. A wide variety of nozzles and openings for plastic closures are available from 1 inches through 2-7/8 inches to customize the cans for your particular application.
Our new 32mm REL style opening is available for plastic closures of the nozzle and pull up - flexible types. These cans meet NFPA30-96 regulations as a pressure relieving style container and offer advantages in storing flammable liquids. You can also change the function of the can by using different plastic closures yet maintain only one can inventory. We have the industry's most extensive lithography capability available to present you product in the most effective manner to call attention to your product.
All our oblong cans are made from at least 20% recycled steel and are fully recyclable. Available Oblong Sizes 250 ml, 5 liter, 4liter & 1liter.


SABSCANS, offers one of the widest selections of tin plate containers in the industry. They have concentrated on building an exceptional stock program to meet a broad range of packaging needs. Ranging from metal industrial containers to steel pails, SABSCANS can provide a packaging solution with one-stop shopping. In addition, our minimum orders are flexible to accommodate your purchasing requirements. Industrial tins are used to package many products from paints to fluids gourmet foods. SABSCANS  sales and customer service team work with all customers on a one-on-one basis, giving specialized attention and service


The 2003/04 seamless product line is composed of a large selection of tin shapes and sizes. Seamless tins offer a unique leak-proof package. They can be lined with various types of coatings or inserts to achieve product compatibility. Seamless tins can be beautifully lithographed, silk-screened or even labeled. SABSCANS can get labeling machines that can apply your custom label to the cover of your seamless tins, creating a unique brand effect.

Seamless tins are a great packaging solution for mints, sweets, spices & ointments, caviar, coffee, tea, various food applications, candles, cosmetics, balms, bath & body products, compact disks, solder pastes, automotive waxes, ant & bait traps, promotional products and gift packaging. The opportunities are endless.


Are you looking for a unique packaging solution? Would you like to differentiate your product from the competition? Rounds, rectangles, squares, hexagons, and cut-corner tins are only a few of the tin shapes SABSCANS offers in its round and off-round product line. Round & off-round tins provide a nesting feature perfect for gift sets. Shapely curves and stunning angles give round & off-round tins a shelf presence that will distinguish your product from the rest. Add beautiful lithography and you have a product bound to turn heads.

The options are endless. Round and Off-Round tins can be used to package a wide variety of products from foods to cosmetics, from clothing to toys. The choice is yours. Let us develop a creative solution for your packaging needs.

Our sales department is on hand to answer any questions you might have technical or otherwise


  SABSCANS has accumulated a valuable library of tooling along with a wealth of package engineering knowledge. Often, our existing tooling can fit or be modified to meet your package requirements. Drawing on decades of packaging design expertise and manufacturing of metal containers, there is little we haven't seen and done. We know what works, where the cost efficiencies are and we'll gladly share that information with you. Our team of experts integrates engineering, manufacturing, marketing and creative services to accommodate your needs for packaging innovation.

Custom tins are a great packaging solution for any application. We will work with you to design a package that improves brand recognition and equity, attracts new customers, and generates repeat business. Decorated metal containers are your key to higher sales. Tins innately imply extra value for the money and many become collectibles. So whether you need a hermetic can for coffee, a seamless tin for mints, a rectangular tin for perfume, or a decorative tin for biscuits.. whatever your needs, SABSCANS can help.

Our sales department is on hand to answer any questions you might have technical or otherwise


Servicing all your vacuum-packed product needs, hermetic tins offer the perfect airtight environment. Hermetic tins are available in 4-1/16" (401), 5-1/8" (502), and 6-3/16" (603) diameters and numerous heights and are manufactured with and without body beads, providing the strength level you need when vacuum packing your product. A wide assortment of end options is available including steel, aluminum, EZ open pull tops and foil membrane EZ open ends. These tins may be paper-labeled or custom lithographed.

Coffee, infant formula, nuts, seafood, hydraulic fluids and lubricants are just a few of the products commonly packaged in hermetic tins


The SABSCANS 2005/06 decorative product line is composed of beautifully lithographed metal tins, featuring a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our marketing department has reviewed the art portfolios of numerous professional artists to select many contemporary and traditional designs to meet your seasonal and all-occasion packaging needs.

Decorative tins are a great packaging solution for biscuits, sweets, bakery products, spices & ointments, nuts, coffee, tea, candles, cosmetics, promotional products and gift packaging. Decorated metal containers are a great packaging solution for any product because tins have implied value. After your product is long gone, our tin will still be around to hold all those little knick knacks that need a home. The opportunities are endless.


Specializing in custom metal containers manufactured in short runs or high volume production. The SABSCANS brand is synonymous with quality metal containers. SABSCANS brand containers are available in different diameters between 1/2" and 19". Cans range between 1-1/2" and 36" in height. The shapes range from round to square to rectangle. Cans are available fitted with tear strips, slip covers, brush tops, double friction plugs, seamed ends and various threaded nozzles. SABSCANS brand custom metal containers can be manufactured with several substrates, including tinplate, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and nickel plated steel.

The multi-industry usage of SABSCANS brand includes chemical, transportation, desiccant/filter, medical, defense, hazardous materials and nuclear applications.


Keywords: Cans, Packaging, tins