By: SA WEBS  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security Guards, Guards

To understand that our employees are our greatest assets and to treat them with, Human Dignity and irrespective of race, colour, creed and to show that we believe and trust them so they will act responsibly and give of their best service to the client so that you can receive value for the considerable amount of money being spent monthly on your security arrangements.

Our success depends on recruiting the Right Person for the job. It is therefore imperative that each officer be matched to the client’s requirements and expectation. All members of our guarding division are highly trained & undergo frequents refresher courses and training programs, in an effort to provide a better calibre security guarding. All the security guards are recruited from a highly credited and reputable trained facility. Prospective candidates for employment are screened on one to one basis, to ensure that the strict requirements are met. Guards are interviewed throughout the Target Selection interviewing process to ensure that they will comply with the client’s requirements. Copies of interviews conducted are available to the client on request. All guards are throughly inducted in system and procedures of our client’s operation and the environment in which they function.

Keywords: Guards, Security Guards