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By: Sa Pet Pages  11-11-2011
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Keeping your hound off the ground
Healthy - Hygienic - Comfortable - Durable
Dawn Glendining on 011 849 6003 or 082 929 1819

Ruff Raff Ortho-Pet Bed

Phone: 011 795 1495

Pet Assist Dog Beds

Available in navy blue, burgundy, and dark brown
Contact Farian 021 801 3783 or 078 378 3542

Wild Bird Seed and Fruit Feeders

Available from Veterinary Clinic and Retail Outlets.
For trade enquiries contact Marltons on 0861 738 626


For more information call 0800 00 4267

Royal Canin

Frolicat™ Bolt™

The new FroliCat™ Bolt™ will get your cat playing like a kitten again. This Laser Toy with adjustable laser light and automatic mode has won numerous awards and kept Roxy the Rescue Cat amused for hours.

You can either use the manual mode where you aim and play as you like or you can sit back and watch even the laziest of cats get transformed into crouching tigers and hidden dragons! We couldn't decide who was having more fun – us or the cat!




Pet Feeder

Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2011 Calendar

"Let Them Run Free" by Colin Fletcher
Price R110 Limited Supply - Place your order today
Contact: Adoree Louw 083 415 5905
Contace: Liz Penprase 082 803 2178


For all your pet accesories
Leather collars, Webbing collars, Harness, PW Collars, Leads
Gauteng: 082 433 2143
Free State: 082 923 2639
Fax: 086 550 4757

Superstar Paws

The label where every pet is a Superstar!
Tel: 031 303 5670

Klorman in-line and point-of-use chlorine disinfectant system


Royal Canin

Novartis Animal Health

Dog and Cat New Chewable Tablets
Tel: 011 929 2387

Doggy Oasis

Puppy Angel

An online shop for Posh Paws and Pooches
Call 082 350 6630

FIPROTEC by Cipla Vet

FIPROTEC is an affordable and reliable option for monthly treatment of fleas and ticks.
Available from your Veterinarian or Vet Shop only

by Chizzi's Gifts and Accessories

This is a unique and useful item which could be used by wheelchair bound persons, senior citizens, children and many others.
It makes eating meals on your lap, writing, sketching or using a lap-top computer more comfortable.
They welcome any requests such as collages of family, pets, logos, scenic landscapes or wildlife for display on the tray.
The tray is popular with corporate sport suites.
Size 420 length x 305 width (A3). Cushions filled with polystyrene balls.
Aluminium framed laminated picture.
They will gladly meet any requirements.


Ace Grinding & Sharpening Co.

We are suppliers of hand and electrical clippers, scissors, dryers and acessories for Dog Grooming Parlours and Veterinarians
Tel: 021 701 1973 / 701 1648
Fax: 021 701 0117


Sole importers of: Anibio tic-clip, Bio-Groom, Goop
Phone: 082 955 5551

Posh Pooch

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo from MEDPET

Mild enough to use regularly even on pets with sensitive skins
Tel: 011 614 8915
Fax: 011 614 8916

Marltons Dog Shampoo


Arthritis Care

Arthritis Care is indicated as a nutritional aid to manage systems of moderate to severe bone and joint conditions.
Tel: 011 614 8915
Fax: 011 614 8916

Arthrimed from MEDPET

Is your pet suffering from Joint Pain and struggling to get up, walk, run or jump? Arthrimed is an aid in the maintenance of healthy joints and tendons.
Tel: 011 614 8915
Fax: 011 614 8916

Bio-Vita Supplement from MEDPET

Contains high levels of Biotin and Zinc, for the prevention of skin conditions. Colourant and flavourant free, making it highly suitable for allergic dogs and cats.
Tel: 011 614 8915
Fax: 011 614 8916

PETflex Cartilage Supplement from Healthtech

An advanced formula supplement for Arthritis and many other joint conditions

Herbal Geriatric Supplement for Dogs & Cats from Healthtech

Multivitamin and mineral supplement for pets aged 6 years and over

Herbal Canine Calmer from Healthtech

Formulated to manage nervousness and excitability in dogs

NewAge Pet

Honeyvale Herbs

100% pure herbal health supplements for pets and animals
Phone 021 572 5661

H9 Herbal by Healthtech

PetAlive Natural Remedies

Puppy Herbal Formula

Formulated to assist the bitch in feeding and weaning puppies from 3 weeks of age

Africa Spring

The Everyday Walk, Reinvented
Works with most bikes and most dogs.
Phone 083 267 9639


DiToSoft c.c.

Anti-Bark Spray Collar - Citronella
082 440 2157

Pro-Pet Doggie Treats

Tel: 011 673 9921 or Cell: 082 573 0694

Keywords: cat, Pet, Supplement, Veterinarian, Veterinary Clinic

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