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By: Sa Good News  12-08-2011


The Issue
Many corporates are becoming increasingly anxious about the morale oftheir staff. Gloomy perspectives of South Africa and its future andafro-pessimism negatively effect workplace productivity. Yet SouthAfrica has made remarkable progress since 1994 and is paving the wayfor a genuine African renaissance.

There is an abundance of good news here and every reason tobe optimistic about our future. As business leaders, we have aresponsibility to ensure that every employee is made aware of ourremarkable progress.

Our Solution
We believe that if employees are optimistic about South Africa's futureand have a perspective that "things are getting better" there will bemany business opportunities that present themselves not the least ofwhich are improved productivity, creativity, morale and customerservice. To assist with the development of managers and staff and to create a "good news vibe" in your company we offer the following range of products.

Public Speaking

“Steuart has presented at the annual “Perspectives on Investment” conference I organise.  He has consistently been rated as “outstanding”. Brian Rainier “Thanks again for presenting at our Annual Conference, I received rave reviews on your behalf, it was exactly what our audience needed to end the day off.”Traci Freeman - BPeSA

SA Good News Books

Action for a Safe SA is the answer to the question that burns on the country's collective consciousness: How can we make SA safe?  Founded on a model that focuses on the prevention of crime rather than the enforcement of the law, this book brings together many of our country's foremost authorities on the social issues that underpin the cycle of aberrant behaviour.  This book empowers all of us with the knowledge and tools to contribute to change.
Africa - The Good News is intended to shift the perception of Africa as a continent of woe to a continent of hope and opportunity.
The 104 page book Employee Volunteering in South Africa is an excellent guide on the setting up of an Employer Supported Volunteering Programme. Published in November of 2007, it has a wide range of contributions from practitioners in the field and highlights the what, why and how of employee volunteering, as well as the South African experience. It is both a practical and theoretical guide.
From the Editors of the well known and bestselling series of books “South Africa – The Good News” and the producers of television series Kaelo-The Miracle Stories comes a remarkable and inspirational new book, “Miracles That Are Changing A Nation”.
With contributions from: Thabo Mbeki, FW de Klerk, Patricia de Lille, Roelf Meyer, Johnny Clegg, Smuts Ngonyama, Nick Mallet, Adrian Gore, Laurie Dippenaar, Ferial Haffajee and many more prominent South Africans.
Beautifully illustrated, quality publications highlighting the remarkable progress achieved by South Africa since 1994.

Pocket Books

Our latest pocketbook, 2010:Africa's Time Has Come, harnesses the opinions of over 50 leading South Africans from all sectors of our society to give the reader a better understanding of what is happening on the ground and how a successful tournament will leave a lasting legacy for all South Africans. The book also provides ideas and opportunities surrounding the 2010 World Cup, FIFA guidelines and important contact information.
We have produced an A5-size pocket book that contains a brief summary of the 56 chapters contained in  our books; South Africa – The Good News, South Africa – More Good News and South Africa 2014: The Story of our Future.