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By: Sa Formwork  11-11-2011
Keywords: Steel, Formwork, Design Office

1. Design

SA Formwork is involved in building as well as civil structures. Civil structures include dam walls, harbours, tunnels, bridges, etc. We are specialists in the field of constructability. We look at a structure holistically and determine the most practical, efficient and economical way to build it, providing a complete formwork solution.

Our design office currently comprises five CAD workstations. We have a Civil Engineer with 13 years of experience that supervises the design office, two senior formwork designers with over 60 years experience between them, and five draughtsmen with varying degrees of experience. In addition to our design office, we work in association with professional Engineers that assist us with design checks and signing off of schemes.

2. Manufacturing

Our facility size is 11000m2, of which 3000m2 is under roof and serviced by cranes. We have numerous heavy duty machines including:

  • 2 large guillotines
  • 2 large bending brakes
  • 1 large roller
  • Radial arm drills, band saws, eccentric presses, CO2 and Arc welding machines as well as many small tools

Our current output is between 200 and 300 tons of steel per month. Our factory utilises CAD drawings produced by our design office. This allows for a greater synergy between the design and the manufacturing of our product. Our designers have a more practical approach to formwork as they are able to monitor the progress of their jobs in our factory on a daily basis, and implement improvements where they see fit. Factory workers are able to query uncertainties immediately and take corrective action. We value their feedback on constructability, and this is taken into consideration during detailing.

We manufacture our own patented ply-beam product. This product is used for vertical and horizontal formwork. It is a steel product that is faced with timber ply-board. It has superior structural properties to equivalent wooden products and therefore fewer ties or supports are required to limit deflection. Since this product is manufactured from steel it is less susceptible to damage i.e. splitting from being nailed, being cut or burnt, and therefore has greater longevity. Our ply-beam is also relatively light with a mass of 11kg per metre.

SA Formwork manufacture purpose made formwork for standardized columns, concrete beams, barriers, viaduct segments, bridge beams, stadiums, dams, tunnels etc. Formwork masses can vary from 45kg per m2 to over 200kg per m2. We generally utilize steel face plates between 2mm and 10mm thick, however we have the capability to work with plates up to 16mm thick.

We are familiar with incorporating hydraulics systems into our formwork. These systems are developed in conjunction with preferred hydraulic suppliers.

3. Sales / Hire

We offer flexible pricing packages, with the option to hire, purchase, or purchase with a buyback on our standard formwork products. We can negotiate a fixed hire price for the duration of a contract. Specialised formwork / moulds that are developed for a particular contract would be based on a sale price only. For contracts that require a combination of standard and specialised formwork, we are willing to hire or buyback the standard components.

Due to the strength of major international currencies against the South African Rand, our pricing enjoys a competitive advantage. Please contact us for any price enquiries.

4. Transport

For the local market we can co-ordinate deliveries to site alternatively materials can be collected from our yard. We have our own 20 ton horse and trailer for deliveries in the Gauteng region.

For the international market we have facilities for loading containers.

Keywords: Design Office, Formwork, Steel