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By: Sa Biotech  11-11-2011

More information on the Vacuumarator
This is the hart in our vacuum system. The Vacuumarator is a sealing liquid pump, equipped with a macerator that sucks the content from the toilet, macerates the sewage into tiny particles and pumps it away, all in one operation.

The Vacuumartor is made of high quality materials. It is available in several models, with different vacuum capacity. The Vacuumarator is handling liquid and air in a perfect way, and both at the same time. This gives the Vacuumartor a big advantage in a vacuum system. To increase the capacity several Vacuumarators can be built into a prefabricated unit.

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Excessive use will degrade the effluent quality but in normal circumstances not to a level which would be considered a pollutant or pose any health or pollution risks. Included in the system is a dropper tube and a pedestal with a closure system to ensure the waste tank is sealed from the bathroom or toilet cubicle.