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By: Sa Biotech  11-11-2011

The system consists of a single, septic tank, with an integral biofilter, clarifier to treat the effluent before discharge. A water supply is not required as the system is charged with water on installation and the displacement principle is used thereafter. It is a low-flow system and suitable for the full daily use requirements of 6 adults. Excessive use will degrade the effluent quality but in normal circumstances not to a level which would be considered a pollutant or pose any health or pollution risks.

Included in the system is a dropper tube and a pedestal with a closure system to ensure the waste tank is sealed from the bathroom or toilet cubicle. Men may use the system for normal urination without lifting or lowering the seat. When the seat is lowered the closure panel opens and faeces may pass into the tank. After use the seat returns to the open position and the toilet aperture closes. As this is an anaerobic system urine diversion is not required.

The application of anaerobic digestion in this system means that the waste is treated and not merely stored. Anaerobic sludge will accumulate over time and will need to be removed after 5 to 7 years of use. The clarifier/filter section of the unit is simply lifted out and the sludge can then be removed either mechanically or manually. At this time the clarifier/filter unit can be cleaned and serviced if necessary.

HydraLoo can be installed inside a new house, an existing house or in a separate cubicle depending upon circumstances. Should it be required to be installed externally in a separate cubicle a purpose designed unit is available.

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