Still Lifes - Still Lifes

By: Sa Art Studio  11-11-2011

My grandma had shiny display cabernets, with all her fine china, and porcelain ware. Tea time in her house was a treat, with small dainty cups and sandwiches with crusts cut off.

In my early twenties I discovered this great love for antiques. Old copper pots, Delft plates and crocheted lappies. Ours current life’s has become such a collection of chrome, plastic and copies of what used to be an art to produce.

In my still lives I use singular subject to emphise the importance of that object. Many times I will combine it with other objects but always cutting and focusing on the main subject. Many of my ornaments, is set on a very dark tone phalo turquoise background. Creating the “royal blue”, this color was very popular in the old days, and one of my favorites.

In my still life’s I am very much inspired by WH Coetzer, or Oom Harrie, like my father would call him. He was a remarkable artist and a lover of all the beauty nature gives. He said many times that nature cannot create something that is not beautiful.

And as an artist I aspire to see, and paint only the beauty in life.

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