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ISO 9001 Quality Management System

9001 is undeniably the flagship management standard with just short of a million certifications in 176 countries (ISO Survey 2008) more than a 3% increase from 2007. Remarkable when you take into account the world wide recession.

The new edition was published late in 2008 and came into effect in South Africa early in 2009. The changes to the new standard are expected to have only a limited impact on users. No new 9001:2000 certifications will take place after November 2009 and all existing 2000 certifications will have to be updated to the 2008 version by November 2010. 

9001 has established itself as a must-have and more and more organizations are using it as a qualification benchmark for prospective vendors.

STING Investigations provides a broad range of custom-tailored consulting services designed to help small, medium, and large companies achieve compliance and certification/registration to 

ISO 9001

. Whether your objective is to be certified to this quality management system (QMS) standards, improve your existing management system, or to achieve business excellence, STING Investigations will customize a program to fit your needs.

STING Investigations’ lean QMS approach is proven to be a very efficient and effective method for achieving compliance and certification to 

ISO 9001


Benefits of ISO 9001

Competitive advantage
ISO 9001 should be top-management led, which ensures that senior management take a strategic approach to their management systems. Our assessment and certification process ensures that the business objectives constantly feed into your processes and working practices to ensure you maximize your assets.

Improves business performance and manages business risk

ISO 9001 helps your managers to raise the organization’s performance above and beyond competitors who aren’t using management systems. Certification also makes it easier to measure performance and better manage business risk.

Attracts investment, enhances brand reputation and removes barriers to trade

Certification to ISO 9001 will boost your organization’s brand reputation and can be a useful promotional tool. It sends a clear message to all interested parties that this is a company committed to high standards and continual improvement.

Saves you money

Evidence shows that the financial benefits for companies that have invested in and certified their quality management systems to ISO 9001 include operational efficiencies, increased sales, higher return on assets and greater profitability.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

This management standard has gathered momentum and wider acceptance since its update in 2004 and certifications up to December 2008 had reached 188,815 in 155 countries which is more than a 22% increase from 2007. It has become the leading indicator of environmental credibility particularly in the petroleum, chemical, maritime and automotive industries.
STING Investigations provides a broad range of custom-tailored ISO 14001 consulting services designed to help small, medium, and large companies achieve ISO 14001 certification/registration. Whether your objective is to be ISO 14001 certified/registered or to improve your existing environmental management system (EMS), STING Investigations will customize a program to fit your needs.
Like the Lean QMS approach, STING Investigations’ Lean EMS approach is proven to be a most efficient and effective method for achieving ISO 14001 certification/registration.

Benefits of ISO 14001
  1. Improved environmental performance led by top management commitment
  2. Cost savings can be achieved through improved efficiencies in energy and water usage and through waste minimization
  3. Reduced risk of pollution incidents and other releases to the environment and therefore avoidance of unnecessary clean up costs and/or enforcement action by regulatory bodies
  4. Compliance with legislation through the identification of new legislation in adequate time to address appropriate issues
  5. Reduced risk of non-compliance with legislation and subsequent costs/prosecution
  6. Improved brand image as customers will see an organization that is in control of its impact on the environment
  7. Improved business focus and communication of environmental issues
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Requirements were adopted as a British Standard in 2007 and in the absence of an equivalent ISO standard it is recognized as the leading OHS standard in the world. An Occupational Health and Safety Management System can help you safeguard your company and your employees. OHSAS 18001 is a framework that assists you in:

  1. Identifying and controlling your health and safety risks; 
  2. Reducing the likelihood of accidents, 
  3. Reducing the cost of accidents;
  4. Complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993;
  5. Demonstrating your commitment to employees and interested parties;
  6. Registering your system with an accredited registrar and
  7. Continually improving your safety performance.

STING Investigations provides a broad range of custom-tailored consulting and training services designed to help small, medium, and large companies achieve compliance and certification/registration to OHSAS 18001. Whether your objective is to be certified and/or to improve your existing occupational health and safety management system (OHS), STING Investigations will customize a program to fit your needs.
Like the Lean QMS and Lean EMS approaches, STING Investigations ‘Lean OHS approach is proven to be a efficient and effective method for achieving compliance and certification to OHSAS 18001.
Benefits of OHSAS 18001

In a competitive marketplace, your customers are looking for more than just keen pricing from their suppliers. Companies need to demonstrate that their businesses are managed efficiently and responsibly and that they can provide a reliable service without excessive downtime caused by work-related accidents and incidents.

Certifying your OHSAS 18001 management system enables your organization to prove that it conforms to the specification and provides the following benefits:

  1. Customer satisfaction - through delivery of products that consistently meet customer requirements whilst safeguarding their health and property
  2. Reduced operating costs - by decreasing down-time through incidents and ill health and reducing costs associated with legal fees and compensation
  3. Improved stakeholder relationships - by safeguarding the health and property of staff, customers and suppliers
  4. Legal compliance - by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact the organization and its customers
  5. Improved risk management - through clear identification of potential incidents and implementation of controls and measures
  6. Proven business credentials - through independent verification against recognized standards
  7. Ability to win more business - particularly where procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply
Private Investigations

We offer a discreet and comprehensive Private Investigator service in Gauteng and most areas within South Africa and Africa. Most of our Private Investigators are drawn from police backgrounds with the experience to obtain accurate results in total confidence. Our Detectives can deal with cases of all sizes, from small to large and for individuals and also business clients.

Our extensive and long term experience allows us to cover a very wide range of services. We can supply effective solutions to almost any problem or requirement. When you call us, you can discuss your case directly with a specalist Private Investigator who will assist you with available options and costs.

Deciding to use an Investigation Agency is often done during difficult or demanding times, and we believe your experience with us should be helpful, secure and above all reliable.

Talk to us.

Talk to us and we will advise on the best answers to your needs. All details discussed with us will be in complete confidence. We will listen to your requirements and give you helpful advice.

Know the facts.

It may be that you need a Private Investigator to find the truth about something or someone. We guarantee that we will help and support you, and complete our work carefully and in confidence.

We all have the right to know the truth about something that affects us. We can reveal the facts and secure the evidence allowing you to make an informed decision. We offer...

  1. The highest possible professional standards.
  2. Ex Police officers.
  3. Total discretion - maintaining your privacy.
  4. Very comprehensive range of investigation services.
  5. Advice given on the best and most effective options.
  6. Professional and reliable results.

Private investigator services.
Our Private Investigators can carry out unfaithful partner investigations and surveillance. We can investigate a persons movements and communications. We investigate insurance claims, work and employee issues, bugging, and background checks. We also investigate evidence for criminal defence and appeals.

We can search for 

hidden assets

 in South Africa and offshore. Investigate financial details, 

fraud and internet scams

, counterfeit goods and false companies and money laundering.

We have detectives, and offshore personnel who can investigate worldwide. In addition we can trace and 

find missing persons

, family and birth parents. We also provide effective counter intelligence and 

counter surveillance

 services; these include 

bug sweeping

, together with risk assessment and protection.

Investigation success.

We pride ourselves on having the experience to accept most investigations from straightforward cases to highly complex investigations. We have often achieved excellent results even when clients have thought the case to be too difficult or impossible. This success is achieved by the experience and background of our Private Investigators and the attention given to detail and client support.

Close Protection Officers

Our main objective is to facilitate our clients' needs without interruption from any unwanted third parties.

In the current climate, personal safety and security should not be left to chance. STING Investigations cc combined with Panzer Protection cc offers a range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

STING Investigations cc main focus is on international protection, focusing our operatives in Africa and abroad. Panzer Protect cc focus on Natinal protection in the confines of Southern Africa.

Case scenarios we consider include protection against violence, stalking, kidnapping and any situation that could be detrimental to your health and safety.

Our operatives are very experienced in VIP security, executive protection and other types of close protection, maintaining a professional approach and being conscious of our clients' public profiles at all times.

Our operatives, who are from the armed forces, police and civilian backgrounds, are chosen for their intelligence, skills, experience and abilities in the field and can blend in with their surroundings to offer covert, discreet security or overt, presenting themselves as an obvious deterrent, depending on your requirements.

More than just bodyguards, our close protection officers will work hard behind the scenes to ensure the smooth-running of daily life or public events, so the impact upon your life is as minimal as you want it to be.

Preparations include reconnaissance, planning and risk assessments. Everyday duties might include driving a client to a venue, ensuring they reach their destination with total confidence, making every effort to avoid or minimise any incident or threat. We ensure our clients have consistency of care as the close protection team we assign will remain the same throughout the task.

All our Close Protection Personnel have completed Advanced Specialist Driver Technique training as well as being Criminal Records Bureau checked and registered with the Relevant Authorities

Security Service
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Debt Collection
Registration Nr: 0042989/10

S.T.I.N.G Investigation cc. is a debt collection agency specializing in collecting commercial and personal claims throughout South Africa. Persuasiveness, persistence and professionalism are the standards our collectors and attorneys pride themselves on. They are the secret to our high success rate and unusually high level of client satisfaction. Our persuasiveness, persistence and professionalism provide you with the following tangible benefits:

    1. Our collection agency's debt collection record is among the highest in the industry.
    2. Our talented staff of debt collection negotiators and attorneys is capable of collecting and litigating your delinquent accounts
    3. Our collection agency's competitive rates make collecting your accounts receivable assets a very cost-effective investment.
    4. Our commitment to client service is second to none. We keep you promptly informed of all developments with your accounts. Our personal interaction with you improves our results.
    5. We are a full-service collection agency. Unlike traditional collection agencies, we offer a full range of services for both commercial and consumer accounts.

    Risk Assessment

    What is risk assessment?

    A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your workplace, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm. Workers and others have a right to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures.

    Accidents and ill health can ruin lives and affect your business if output is lost, machinery is damaged, insurance costs increase or you have to go to court. You are legally required to assess the risks in your workplace so you must put plans in place to control risks.

    Don’t overcomplicate the process. In many organisations, the risks are well known and the necessary control measures are easy to apply. You probably already know whether, for example, you have employees who move heavy loads and so could harm their backs, or where people are most likely to slip or trip. If so, check that you have taken reasonable precautions to avoid injury.

    If you work in a larger organisation, you could ask our consultants to help you. In all cases, you should make sure that you involve your staff or their representatives in the process. They will have useful information about how the work is done that will make your assessment of the risk more thorough and effective. But remember, you are responsible for seeing that the assessment is carried out properly.

    When thinking about your risk assessment, remember:

    • >> a hazard is anything that may cause harm, such as chemicals, electricity, working from ladders, an open drawer, etc; and

    • >> the risk is the chance, high or low, that somebody could be harmed by these and other hazards, together with an indication of how serious the harm could be.

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