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By: Ryan Manthe  11-11-2011
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December 14, 2010
  Andrea van den Heuvel Takes It Off And Wins Big

Andrea wooed the judges and the 270 guests of the RM12 Challenge Awards Banquet last Friday night at the Birchwood as she strutted onto stage 13 kgs lighter and almost 10 percentage points down from her former 26,9% body fat to her current 17,2%. She demonstrated a high-spirited confidence that brought delight to her numerous supporters who shouted out her name every time her Before / After image appeared projected onto the large screen or she was called onto stage. When host and founder of the RM12 property, Ryan Manthe called out her name as the overall winner of the 12-Week Challenge, the crowd stood to their feet in adulation.

The overall winner of the 4-Week Sprint Challenge was last year’s 12-Week champion, Carol Jacobs. Andrea’s husband, Roelof van den Heuvel, was runner-up in the 4-Week competition, with Louis van der Westhuizen and George Moustakis taking 3rd and 4th positions, respectively for the men; and Renschie Grove and Carla Oosthuysen respectively for the women.

Runner-up to Andrea in the 12-Week competition was Nelson Ferreira, followed by Brian Hockly and Luis dos Ramos for the men, and Debbie du Preez and Zelda Viljoen for the women.

The RM12 Challenge, now in its second year, almost doubled in number of entrants with a total of seventy-three entering the competition. Better than 90% of the entrants hung on to see the competition through to the end in both the 12 Week, and the new 4 Week Sprint Challenge competitions.

The competition celebrated the benefits of proper health and fitness training witnessed by the culmination of the RM12 Challenge. Sixty-six contestants rounded out the diehards made up of males and females of various cultural backgrounds, from ages 19 to 69 and all hailing from the Boksburg and Benoni areas. Winners were awarded across four criteria: ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, personal testimonials, assessments that measure weight loss, body fat percentage and circumference in total centimetres of critical parts of the body where fat is often stored, such as hips, thighs, stomach, bust and arms and personality on the night.

Across the total of the sixty-six contestants, the following represents the impressive totals:

• 418,5 total kgs loss
• 295,4 total percentage points of fat loss
• 1868,9 cm in circumference loss

Considering that twenty-two of the sixty-six contestants completed a shortened 4-week planned journey versus the 12 weeks, the numbers appear even more impressive.

Subscribing to a regimented exercise programme and eating plan by Ryan Manthe and Registered Dietician, Leanne Rees, respectively yielded unprecedented results for the contestants using only the most innovative training techniques and energy controlled diets. Leanne utilised only safe, natural methods of moderating the right foods measured by their composite of protein, carbohydrates and fat aligned to Ryan’s specific training techniques for synergies.

December 9, 2010
  Ryan Manthe’s RM12 Challenge Sheds Fat in Record Numbers

This year’s RM12 Challenge was a resounding success! The numbers speak for themselves. A total of 65 contestants across the 4-Week Sprint Challenge and 12-Week Challenge lost over 418kgs in body weight, A combined fat percentage loss of over 295 percentage points and almost 2 kilometres gone off of their arms, chest, hips and thighs! This is body transformation at its best – committed men and women from various backgrounds and health and fitness experience participating in grueling 4-week and 12-week journeys that land them in the best possible health and shape in the shortest amount of time. And all this through eating right, in the right portions, at the right time with Leanne’s RM12 Eating Plan and exercising rigourously with Ryan Manthe on a consistent basis.

The RM12 Awards Banquet at The Birchwood was a perfect way to acknowledge the success of the programme, as contestants and their friends and family were able to celebrate health and fitness while socialising with spectators who remained gob smacked as each contestant took to the stage. Watch this space for more information on the RM12 Challenge and upcoming events, such as the next RM4 Sprint Challenge in February 2011.

August 20, 2010
  RM12 Challenge Launches at Lesvos Restaurant
August 14, 2010
  Runner-up in Over 35s for Body Beautiful SA 2010

Although Ryan is bigger, toner and in better shape overall this year, he could not regain his title as Mr Physique in the Body Beautiful SA 2010 competition. He did, however, repeat his runner-up position in the over 35s. Congratulations to all the BBSA winners! As for Ryan, it’s on to the next show.

April 12, 2010
  Kids Get Fit
March 30, 2010
  Egg Whites! Now on the RM Menu
March 29, 2010
  Saturdays are for Training
March 22, 2010
  Eating on the Go

Ever stop to think about what it takes to have a beautiful healthy body. If you’re thinking it’s about how many double-days of exercise you can squeeze into your already busy schedule? or how many kilometres you can run? or how much you bench press? Then you’re fighting a losing battle. The key is to eat the right food at the right time in the right portion sizes. The only way to know ‘what to eat’ is to list the foods you love aligned to the recommendations of a registered dietitian, such as our very own Leanne Rees. The only know way to know the portion sizes is to discuss with your dietitian your medical history, genetic background and body measurements provided by RM Trainer Shaun Thomas via the RM assessment programme. The only way to eat at the right time, is to take your prepared food for the day with you! Not so easy, eh? Well, Ryan Manthe is currently developing a programme that balances your assessments, nutrition and exercise in such a way that you will always have the Right Food at the Right Time. Subscribe to this Website and let us invite you to experience real transformation though marrying discipline with convenience.

February 22, 2010
  RM12 Challenge in 2010

As Ryan and his team prepare for the RM12 Challenge 2010, there will be some new and exciting categories which were overlooked in the highly successful competition last year. This year contestants can look forward to more specific categories that cater for them, such as gender, age, body type and even lifestyle. Ryan hopes to kick the Challenge off as soon as possible, but will need to weave through everything from the 2010 FIFA World Cup, to local fitness competitions, to the cold of Winter training. But what would an RM12 Challenge be without a challenge? Be sure to subscribe to this Website and register for this year’s challenge, so Ryan can rev up the competition.

January 18, 2010
  Ryan Extends His Brand of Training

Ryan introduces two new RM Trainers to his health and fitness group. Shaun Thomas and Tshepo Nxumalo are young, but qualified trainers who bring a refreshing variety to the RM way of training. However, Ryan is adamant that although styles may differ, there is a science to exercise that must be followed in order to achieve sustainable results. For Ryan, there is no place for exercise fads, short term fixes or gimmicky routines when looking for sustainable transformation. That is why Ryan, along with Shaun and Tshepo, is working to build an even more exciting health and fitness offering that will cater for a myriad of tastes looking to achieve personal transformation in mind, body and spirit. You can read more about Shaun and Tshepo in the New Members section of the Ryan Manthe Website.

January 11, 2010
  May I Have a Bosu Please?

The lack of Bosu’s has become a thing of the past. To start the new year off without the typical excuses that can plague even the most enthusiastic. Ryan has organised enough Bosu’s and light-weight dumbbells that were so scarce after so long. So, worried about equipment? Get out of bed, come to gym…it’s sorted. Thanks Ryan.

December 21, 2009
  Benoni City Times Challenges the RM12 Challenge

The Benoni City Times was very impressed with the results coming out of the RM12 Challenge. However, like most diets and exercise programmes, the paper reporting on the RM12 Challenge was quite skeptical about contestants maintaining their impressive weight loss numbers long term. Ryan is convinced that his brand of health and fitness is more than a fad diet or random exercise programme. He believes that the science of healthy, well-balanced nutrition has come a long way, and that with nutritionists, such as Leanne Rees and Christine Pinha-Stent on-board, plus a regimen of exercise routines like the ones he offers, contestants and the general public have all the arsenal they need to stay fit and healthy, now and in the future.

December 5, 2009
  RM12 Challenge Awards Banquet

The Lakes Hotel in Benoni sets the stage for The Ryan Manthe 12 Week Challenge Awards Banquet where contestants, their family and friends, sponsors and the fitness community witness true body transformation. Some of the winners include: Carol Jacobs, 1st Place; Simone Oertel, 2nd Place; Patricia Oliver, 3rd Place; Debbie du Preez, Most Awarded. More than 30 prizes totaling over R30,000 were awarded.

November 22, 2009
  RM12 Challenge Reaches 12th Week

The Ryan Manthe 12 Week Challenge is complete! 31 Contestants witness significant transformation, and prepare themselves for their ‘After’ photos, post-competition assessments and personal testimonials that outline their experience. Awards to be distributed to winners at the RM12 Awards Banquet scheduled for 5 December 2009 at The Lakes Hotel on Benoni Lake.

September 7, 2009
  Eating Plan

Leanne Rees, Registered Dietician, distributes eating plans to contestants based on contestant’s individual assessments and food preference. Contestants are invited to liaise with Leanne for one-on-one online consultation and revised plans.

August 31, 2009
  RM12 Challenge Begins

The Ryan Manthe 12 Week Challenge Launches! 42 Contestants enter the competition in the hopes of achieving body transformation that also improves mental and physical health. Contestants are required to take ‘Before’ photos, submit their purpose for joining the competition and calculate individual body assessments that measure cardiovascular function, blood pressure and body fat percentage, amongst other measurements.

August 20, 2009
  Discovery Health Conference

Discovery Health Presentation
Ryan Manthe presents his brand of group personal training to over 150 personal trainers at the VodaWorld Conference Centre for the Discovery Health Conference. The audience was particularly enthralled by Ryan’s technical expertise and group training philosophy.

July 26, 2009
  Ryan Manthe Website Launched

Welcome to Ryan Manthe!
Here you will find articles of interest written by Ryan.

July 25, 2009
  Ryan Wins SA’s Body Beautiful Competition!

Ryan Manthe enters his first fitness competition and wins big in two categories! Ryan takes first place in the Mr Body Classic Division. http://www.bodybeautifulsa.co.za/mrclassic.htm. But must settle for second place in the Mr Body Beautiful 35+ category.

Keywords: Exercise, fitness

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