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By: Rust Bullet  11-11-2011
Keywords: Corrosion, Rust, Iron And Steel

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and

, rust is the cancer of iron and steel and

the direct cost of corrosion in the United States is $276 billion annually

. No matter what it is, if it is made from metal and exposed to the elements, it will rust and corrode. Whether it is the workman’s tools, the metal box tools are stored in, highway bridges,



, agricultural (home and farm), metal equipment, trucks, tractors,

, ports, oil wells, cranes, etc., rust and corrosion will occur if they are left unprotected. The Independent Scientific Studies of Rust Bullet® focuses on anything made of metal and the benefits of Rust Bullet’s® coating on the rust and corrosion of that metal.

Special emphasis is put on Rust Bullet’s® ease of application, maintenance, repair, and long-term rust/corrosion prevention providing a
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Keywords: Corrosion, Federal Highway Administration, Iron And Steel, Rust,

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Rust Bullet – Rust Prevention Products & Corrosion Inhibitor Paint Product

Wet environments, corrosive chemicals and fertilizers, and non-neutral soils all conspire to destroy buildings and equipment. Zinc galvanize and ordinary paint can delay rust, but after a short time, they wear or flake away and the problem returns. Rust has been the cancer of iron and steel since the dawn of the Iron Age.


Car Rust Protection, Repair, Prevention by automotive car paint

Rust Bullet® Introducing a New and Better Technology for Rust and Corrosion Protection to the Automotive World. This previously rusted and pitted’65 Dodge Coronet roof panel appears to be brand new from the factory.


Industrial Coating & Floor Coatings by Rust Bullet are best in Industry

Rust Bullet® will revolutionize industries’ battles against corrosion with a simple, one step application, little or no preparation, low maintenance product that is not a short-term fix, but actually cures this disease called rust. Evidence of the large indirect corrosion costs are lost time, and thus lost productivity because of outages, delays, failures, and litigation.