By: Rubber Mats  11-11-2011
Keywords: Rubber, Floors, Rubber Floors

Our product range is made from the very highest quality, dense but malleable rubber and comes with a 10-year guarantee (though it is likely to last a lifetime). Tiles, rolls and wall liners come in thicknesses of approx. 10mm or 18mm (the latter is recommended for floors).

Interlocking rubber tiles

  • Identically shaped rubber tiles that interlock to form a solid base.

  • Small enough to be easily handled (12.5 tiles/m²).

  • Easy to transfer to a new stable.

Solid Rubber Floors

  • Rolls of up to 1.2m wide, cut to fit the exact dimensions of the stable.

  • Stuck down with contact adhesive and sealed with silicone, or bolted down. Becomes the new, permanent floor.

Wall liners

  • Strips of rubber/interlocking tiles stuck to the wall with contact adhesive. (10mm option is usually sufficient for this purpose.)

  • Prevents injuries to horses that habitually kick their walls

  • Provides a solid grip for horses struggling to stand out of a tight corner after lying down.


Keywords: Floors, Rubber, Rubber Floors, rubber tiles, Wall Liners