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By: Rostberg  11-11-2011

Rostberg is currently developing a water treatment system for the re- oxidation and purification of its cellar and bottling waste water.

The project is conducted in cooperation with a microbiologist of the University of Stellenbosch, Dr. Marinda Bloom, Winetech and Ms. Lerato Mokgwatlheng of the Department of Water Affairs. It will consist of a primary aerobic, biological water treating plant with Rotating Biological Conditioners. The outflow thereof will flow through a constructed wetland to further reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D) to levels within the limits for release into a natural stream. The water will be contained in an irrigation dam, and re-used for irrigation or alternatively, aquaculture.

The result of this research will be made available to the South African wine industry. The design of the system was completed by our Mr. Leslie Bekker, and the plans thereof will be available to interested parties, once field evaluation thereof has been completed satisfactorily.

It was the aim to build the system as cost effective and efficient as possible, to enable any handyman to construct his own system.