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By: Roboguard  11-11-2011
Keywords: Transmitter, Keypad, Alarm Panel

Roboguard Wireless Outdoor Beam

A battery-operated, dual-sensor, outdoor movement detector designed to detect intruders and wirelessly transmit the information to a Roboguard Base station.

Retail Price R2050 incl VAT

Mobile HQ Unit

A portable 8 zone, 4 output, base-station used to receive and annunciation signals from up to 8 Roboguard Sensors. The HQ can also be wired to a siren and/or an up-line alarm panel. Arm/disarm with a roboguard remote.

Retail Price R2199 incl VAT


A 4 zone, 4 output, fixed Roboguard base station used to interface Roboguards into an existing alarm panel. Also ideal for larger installations that require more than 8 guards. A keypad matrix usually only require 1 external UHF/URX receiver.

uRx Universal Receiver

A separate receiver that provides the data stream for the Keypad and for the repeater station.

Handheld Remote

A handheld remote transm

itter used as a panic button and remote control for radio base-stations. 4-button and 6-button versions are available.

uTx Universal Transmitter

A Roboguard Transmitter capable of transmitting roboguard intruder and roboguard remote alarms after triggering from externally connected systems. Used to inter-connect external systems into the Roboguard systems.

Repeater Station

A Roboguard code repeater that can be used to extend the radio range of roboguard systems.

Timer Relay

10 Amp Timer Relay to extend the distance on your siren wiring and also allow various devices to be triggered with the output board

Keywords: Alarm Panel, Keypad, Remote Alarms, Transmitter