RITESEAL™ - Specialist Waterproofing - SOUTH AFRICA

By: Riteseal  11-11-2011

RS Primer sealant specifically formulated to be used as a primer for all RiteSeal products.

RS Waterproofing Compound, SABS tested to standard ASTM G53 against ultra violet breakdown.  Excellent flexibility and adhesion qualities and can be applied to all construction materials. 

Being aware of technological advances in building deterioration prevention can make a significant difference to a property maintenance budget.  Astute property managers are well aware of this fact.  If for instance, new materials developed, could extend the maintenance schedule, then the savings would be quite considerable.   Fortunately a new product for achieving this purpose has been developed.

Due to the destructive nature of the high UV index in the searing African Sun, the development of an innovative protective coating was paramount.  As a South African based waterproofing company we realized this need and after years of research and development, LocKote was added to our exclusive line of products.  The beauty of this product is that this coating dries like rock but goes on just like paint.  We have extended the life expectancy of our coatings, which has dramatically reduced the frequency of building protection.