RIMEX - Safety & Training Program

By: Rimex  11-11-2011
Keywords: Tire, Wheels And Rims

At RIMEX we understand that people are your biggest assets. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive training and safety program to educate and inform RIMEX customers of the right tools and procedures to get the job done safely.

Please note that the servicing and/or replacing of industrial wheel or rim assemblies is a potentially hazardous operation and can cause death or serious injury. It should only be done by a skilled tradesperson familiar with good, safe working practices and using the proper tools under good working conditions. 

Program Overview

RIMEX’s comprehensive training and safety program can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether, its onsite training, traditional manual, demonstration video or any combination of these, we have the information you need, exactly how you need it. The following is an overview of the topics covered in each of the preferred formats.

RIMEX On-Site Training
  • Basic safety and operating rules
  • Communications
  • Preparation of equipment for tire changes
  • Removing tire from equipment, front and rear
  • Tire removal from the rim assembly
  • Install tire on rim assembly
  • Basic tire maintenance.

Safer Wheel & Rim Manual

  • Inspection and maintenance of components
  • Proper mounting and demounting procedures of RIMEX wheels and rims
  • Understanding the features and benefits of all RIMEX designs
  • Identification of components
  • Understanding the repercussions of high air pressures and temperatures.

Safer Wheel & Rim Service Video

  • Safety video introduction
  • Lifesaving message
  • Tools and preparation
  • Vertical demounting of tire
  • Cleaning and inspection of rims and components (vertical)
  • Vertical mounting of tire
  • Horizontal mounting of tire
  • Cleaning and Inspection of rims and components (horizontal)
  • Horizontal mounting of tire
  • Review of safety procedures
  • Mounting and demounting of 3-piece rim

Keywords: Tire, Wheels And Rims

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