Car Photography Services | Vehicle Promotion – Commercial Car Photography

By: Rikki Hibbert  11-11-2011

The art of commercial car photography is to highlight the key features in picturesque lighting conditions, to aid in selling the vehicle.

The process starts with choosing a location that will aid in promoting the vehicle’s features and uses. The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, inside and out. I shoot at the chosen location at the best time of day to bring out the beauty of the vehicle.

All photographs are edited to enhance the natural colours, and supplied to the Client on disc.

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Food Photography | Restaurant Menus – Recipe Books – Advertising

Food photography is a still life specialisation that aims to produce attractive photographs of food for advertising, packaging, restaurant menus or recipe books. The process starts with the purchase of the ingredients and props, preparing the food, styling it, lighting the setting, and then finally the photography. Only perfect and visually appealing ingredients are used to portray quality and freshness.


Interior Photography | Property – Lifestyle Magazine – Interior Designers

I carefully choose and style the props to get a well-balanced contemporary photograph using ambient light, portable studio lights or a combination of the two. Lifestyle interior photography portrays real-life situations in a styled and appropriately lit environment. Depending on the requirements, additional props can be brought in to enhance the space. The process starts with the Client organising to have the interior spaces cleaned.


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In business, first impressions mean everything and naturally, a professionally photographed contemporary corporate portrait must send out the correct message to the target market. All photographs are edited to enhance the natural colours and remove any imperfections, and supplied to the Client on disc. The main objective for Portraiture is to capture the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the subject.


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If you sell, promote or manufacture products, you probably already know that beautiful product photography increases sales, promotes product integrity, communicates value and is a reflection of your company’s credibility. Styled product photography illustrates how the product can be used and enhances the product qualities, opening the viewer’s mind to more possibilities.