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By: Revivo  11-11-2011

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LungaM  (Monday, 30 August 2010)

its a wonder, just when I thought there was no hope for cousin sister this wonderful product got her up on her feet again. She is now eating well and
regaining her weight, though she is still srtugling with speech I see a hell of difference from previous state.

Helen  (Thursday, 17 June 2010)

Revivo is not only a wonderful supplement but a peace of Mind. Viva Revivo. My sister used in only for 3 months and her CD4 went from 133 to 469 by
now.Let`s say NO to Boilogical/Chemical WarFare of Drug Cartel.

Newmember  (Friday, 30 April 2010)
yakubuAbdulahi  (Thursday, 11 March 2010)

the product is vary good and is being recommended to me by a Doctor, I used it and i really saw changes. it really burst my immune system. i
recommended it to my friend, this is why am buying 6 bottles this time.

nyane04  (Friday, 22 January 2010)

I ddn't know much about revivo but when i saw it i know it would help me a lot taking from the comments i saw about it online. I'm very pleased to
have to use this product

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