By: Revelation  11-11-2011
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Revelation – A New Look and New features
The Revelation New look installation is now avalible via the "check for update button.

DO NOT BE ALARMED! Although the look and feel will appear different, all the original functionality is still there. We have just added a lot of new functionality and features as listed below. Enjoy!

There is a new [Dashboard] button on the Supermenu which gives you a snapshot of the Sales and Purchases status of your business for Today, Month-to-Date, Last Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date and Last Year-to-Date. There are also Bar Charts comparing this year’s data to last year as well as the Top Ten Debtors, Creditors and Stock items.

The Personal Reminders screen that pops up when starting Revelation has been expanded into a full Personal Calendar and Organiser. Each User can input hourly reminders into this calendar that will popup at the appointed time in Revelation. You can also input “Recurring” Reminders that appear on the same day every month (for monthly payments, recurring runs, etc).

All reports can now be printed directly to an Excel spreadsheet. When using the data Export options in the printed report modules, exported data can now also be sent directly to an Excel spreadsheet (instead of first to a .CSV comma-delimited text file).

Debtors/Creditors Age Analysis now held for 12 months (used to be 6). If you select the “Recalc Open Item Age Analysis – ALL a/c’s” option (under Debtor/Creditor Master File > Amend Age Analysis), it will calculate the age analysis for the past 12 months for each a/c.

6 User-defined fields have been added to Debtor and Creditor records. These are each 20 characters long and may be given a unique label (under Master File Updates). They are available in Custom Reports and Master File Exports.

Performance Bar Charts have been added to the Debtor, Creditor, Nominal and Stock buttons on the Supermenu. So, for a selected account or stock item, you can display a 12 month sales/purchase history as well as a monthly comparison to last year. The Bar Chart options appear on the [History] tab for Debtors and Creditors and as a [Bar Charts] button at the bottom of Stock records. The Nominal Bar Chart buttons appear on the [Analysis#1] tab.

In most [Browse] windows (account transactions, etc), the "scroll-wheel" on your mouse will now scroll up and down the listed entries.

You can now Download and install demo versions of the various AddOn modules (SMS Manager, Asset Manager, etc) directly from inside Revelation (Utilities menu). These modules all come with a limited "try before you buy" option.

You can now give a description to the each of the 6 Debtor/Stock Price links to assist operators in identifying which one to use when capturing Debtor data (under Master File Updates).

Each Customer a/c can be assigned a default Delivery Method to be used when invoicing (set up Delivery Methods under Debtor Master File Updates). Each a/c also has a new VENDOR Number field that can be printed on Invoices.

When prompted for a Date Range, you now have a dropdown arrow that displays a calendar to select from.

You can now specify a default RepCode per User for Debtor Sales (Setup > User > [POS] tab)

The “This is a Cash Sale a/c” flag is more prominent in Debtor a/c’s

Keywords: Data Export

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