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By: Retha Mcpherson  11-11-2011

Although my son, Aldo, suffered a severe brain injury due to a motor car accident, I can testify that God is good. He has awakened my spirit to Him and I’ve come to know Him as a holy God who wants my life, not only my heart. When Aldo was in a coma, he had a supernatural experience where he went to heaven, saw God, the angels, Moses and Abraham. Aldo came back with one message:

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He put His Fire in me, He lifted my spirit up and took me up in the Spirit with Him and that is where I am living now since then. God put it on my heart on the 30th March 2009 to sow a financial seed into Aldo’s ministry – He said I had to name the seed. I am literally seeing that promise coming to life in my life, since being obedient that Monday two weeks ago.