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By: Resort  11-11-2011
Keywords: Property Sales, International Property, international property sales

Resort International has unique access to extensive international and local investor bases providing for a fast track, pre launch sell-out of your development. This "USP" coupled with the company's strategic alliances involving international property sales companies, who specialise in end user unit delivery by way of exhibition and inspection flight programmes, ensures we are able to warrant, on a results driven bases, the success of your development.

To produce the results that our Developers expect it is essential that Resort International be involved from the very beginning, ensuring that product mix, positioning and pricing are optimised for the target market. This approach is becoming ever more important as the market places become more educated with higher expectations and an ever increasing choice of product.

In line with the company's philosophy and in-depth understanding of the market place, Resort International applies a strict criteria to all proposed developments ensuring the edge, which is crucial to our position as market leaders.

The product mix both in terms of unit types and development balance becomes crucial when defining a target market. The needs of the local market are some what different than those of an international consumer who for instance will not be utilising his holiday home for quick weekend breaks but will probably require his holiday home to be more substantial allowing for longer usage. From an investment stance the markets again have different requirements.

Where ever possible Resort International seek out developments which allow for mix use i.e. leisure and residential, experience has repeatedly shown that developments which satisfy both markets dramatically increase the sales time line due, simple to the size of the market place available.

Quality of build, position and location are great determiners of a successful project and again what might sell well regionally could as easily create little interest in say Japan or Sweden.

Pricing of course is always the great leveller but what might seem great value to one market will conversely be perceived as over priced to another.

Resort International has the unrivalled ability, due to its world wide alliances, to position your development in the right market place, first time and thus achieve a smooth, fast tracked sales success.

Resort International's services:

  • Site identification
  • Bulk optimisation
  • Total in-house pre development service
  • Professional team assembly
  • Fiscal planning
  • Feasibilities
  • Project Investment and funding
  • Sales and Marketing
  • After sales services
  • Development administration

Keywords: International Property, international property sales, Property Sales