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By: Remedy Room  11-11-2011
Keywords: Disability, Vocational Rehabilitation

Remedy Room’s service offering includes a range of integrated solutions aimed at assisting companies in better managing disability and incapacity in the workplace.


“Redesigning the way corporates manage disability and incapacity in the workplace”

A disability management competency is a much desired strategic advantage for companies. For Life Insurers, it holds the potential to reduce their liability on disability claims by encouraging more effective and efficient return-to-work. For employers it promotes the retention and wellness of people with disabilities whilst ensuring compliance with labour legislation.

Remedy Room is able to assist companies to develop such a competency by redesigning and customising their internal incapacity and wellness processes to suite their organisation, which is further supported through the education, training and implementation of these best practices. In order to ensure clients receive the maximum return-on-investment, the Remedy Room service includes evaluating the effectiveness of these newly established processes and making any necessary adjustments if required.


“Understanding and supporting the injured/ill worker”

Remedy Room is able to offer corporate clients hands-on support for the incapacitated worker. Such support includes work capacity evaluations to better understand the extent of a worker’s incapacity and how best to treat and restore vocational skills with the aim of effectively reintegrating the individual back into the work place or open labour market. Incapacity support also includes screening injured workers for possible rehabilitation, counselling workers and companies on expected future work capacity and providing recommendations on how best to restore work functionality.

Work Capacity Evaluations

Work Capacity Evaluations aim to assist clients in accurately understanding the work capacity and abilities of an ill / injured worker as well as identifying opportunities which may exist for productive retention of such individuals in the workplace. Remedy Room is able to offer clients a variety of work capacity evaluations, dependant on the client’s needs and the circumstances surrounding the incapacity.

1. Occupational Performance Evaluations

Remedy Room recognizes that it is not always possible or necessary to perform a full comprehensive assessment of work capacity. To cater for this need, Remedy Room offers a 2-hour assessment of occupational performance. It essentially provides insight into functional work capacity, where endurance issues are not suspected or are already well understood.

2. Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is the most comprehensive work capacity evaluation offered by Remedy Room. It includes an in-depth 4 hour evaluation of work capacity and occupational performance of an individual, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the job requirements and demands, obtained through collateral discussions with the employer or a work visit where necessary. These aspects are then analysed and a complete report provided to the client outlining the individual’s capacity to perform his own or any suited occupation in the open labour market and offering recommendations for improving job fitness wherever possible.

3. Screening for Rehabilitation

Remedy Room offers its clients the opportunity to understand whether to invest in primary or vocational rehabilitation for the incapacitated worker, without having to formally evaluate work capacity through an FCE or evaluation of occupational performance. It is usually appropriate when work capacity is self evident or has already been evaluated and includes a 1.5 hour interview of the worker.

Vocational Counselling

Remedy Room is also able to offer incapacity support in the form of vocational counselling to both the incapacitated worker and his / her employer. Counselling helps corporate clients make informed decisions when dealing with incapacity and allows the worker insight into his strengths and weaknesses thereby facilitating the creation of an appropriate career plan to follow.

Case Managing Primary Rehabilitation

The final aspect of incapacity support offered by Remedy Room, is managing the primary rehabilitation of an incapacitated worker. While often corporate clients are not involved in the medical treatment of their workers, Remedy Room recognises that managing the process can promote a more effective outcome for return-to-work. Such management includes referrals to appropriate primary rehabilitation professionals, following up on their attendance and progress, offering telephonic support to the worker to encourage compliance and motivation,  and effectively mitigating risks and resolving issues affecting the success of rehabilitation.


“Restoring fitness for work”

Remedy Room is able to enhance its incapacity support services by offering proactive interventions to not only support, but improve a worker’s fitness for work and minimize incapacity in the workplace. This type of service is referred to as vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation can be divided into a number of standalone yet hierarchical services such as: the design, planning and resourcing of vocational rehabilitation or work reintegration programmes; the implementation of vocational rehabilitation, and finally the case management of vocational rehabilitation programmes.

Designing and Planning a Vocational Rehabilitation Programme

The most fundamental aspect of vocational rehabilitation is the design of a vocational rehabilitation programme and drafting of a fully resourced and costed implementation plan. Through the use of tried and tested project management methodologies, Remedy Room is able to provide corporate clients with an understanding of the monetary investment and time required to reintegrate an employee back into the workplace or to improve their productivity at work and build buy-in from all stakeholders including the incapacitated worker. This process provides the organisation with not only insight and awareness around return-to-work requirements, but also assists them in clearly identifying suitable career pathways for injured or ill workers and their ongoing developmental needs.

Hands-on Rehabilitation

Once the vocational rehabilitation or work-reintegration plan is in place, vocational rehabilitation can be implemented. Remedy Room is able to offer the following aspects of rehabilitation conducted by qualified occupational therapists: insight awareness programmes and stress management programmes. While hardening of vocational skill is an integral part of vocational rehabilitation, Remedy Room prefers to make use of graded on-the job work trials to achieve this aim.

Case Management of Vocational Rehabilitation

Finally, Remedy Room recognises that reintegrating a worker back into a work environment is a risky endeavour due to the human element associated with such a project. Remedy Room therefore offers a case management service which draws on tried and tested project management principles to monitor and manage risks and issues as they arise, and as such help promote the success of the programme, both in the short and longer term.

Keywords: Disability, Vocational Rehabilitation