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By: Redg  11-11-2011
Keywords: Fire Protection, Fire Suppression, Suppression Systems

INERGEN® Is Better For Your Property

Upon discharge, INERGEN® instantly floods the room, remaining suspended to suppress fires quickly and effectively.  An inert gas mixture, INERGEN® is absolutely free of residues and corrosive by-products that may produce further property damage. In performance testing, INERGEN® easily exceeded the NFPA Standard 2001 allowance of one-minute discharge, with documented extinguishments of 22 seconds for a Class A fire and 17 seconds for a Class B fire.

Reliable and field proven, INERGEN® delivers the performance you would expect from the world leader in fire suppression.

Better For Your People

One of the most remarkable aspects of INERGEN® is that it is safe for people. Unlike halocarbon (chemical) alternatives, which can create dangerous levels of hydrogen fluoride when in the presence of fire, INERGEN® is entirely nontoxic, producing no corrosive decomposition products whatsoever. Plus, because INERGEN® will not produce a fog when discharged, escape routes remain visible.

With INERGEN®, the oxygen level is reduced enough to put out the flames, yet more than enough remains to breathe.  In fact, those who breathe normally around INERGEN® in extinguishing concentrations receive the same amount of oxygen to the brain as they would in an ordinary atmosphere, vital in cases where immediate evacuation may not be possible.

State-of-the-art Detection and Control

INERGEN® systems combine exclusive AUTOPULSE® microprocessor units with highly sensitive smoke, heat and flame detectors, and specialized agent distribution components, designed to detect and suppress a fire even before it reaches the flame stage.  The AUTOPULSE units also perform other key functions in case of fire, including sounding alarms, closing doors, and shutting down equipment. In conjunction with manual pull stations, the system provides automatic detection, day and night.

Flexibility Is Already Built In

INERGEN® agent is stored as a gaseous mixture in DOT approved steel cylinders filled to nominal capacities of 200 to 435 cu.ft.(5.7 to 12.3 cu.m). Available in four sizes, you can choose to install your cylinders either vertically or horizontally, allowing for a design that requires the fewest number of cylinders and the lowest cost. You then have a choice of setting up your cylinders to open electrically, pneumatically or manually, depending on your need.

Make ANSUL Your Fire Protection Partner Throughout Your Business

From INERGEN® automatic detection and suppression systems to a full range of wheeled and portable extinguishers and more, no other fire suppression brand promises the full range of solutions or the quality of ANSUL. And we back all of our products with a worldwide network of factory-trained distributors – the largest and best qualified in the industry.

Keywords: Fire Protection, Fire Suppression, Suppression Systems

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