Easy-Off Bang Solution Finder Bang and the Dirt is Gone

By: RB  11-11-2011

Easy Off Bang Universal Stain & Drain
Easy Off Bang Universal Stain & Drain is tough on stains and unblocks sinks and drains, gentle enough for everyday power cleaning. Use it in the toilet bowl to remove tough and nasty stains—leave for 15 minutes and flush—no need to brush. For hair clogs, squirt half of the bottle into the drain, rinse plughole with water and wait for 15 minutes. For tougher clogs, you can leave for up to 2 hours, and flush with hot water. So versatile, you can also use diluted on floors, or neat on a sponge to wipe away food spills from dustbin lids and worktops—clean and hygienic. Make sure you always wear suitable protective clothing, and always test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure compatibility with the surface. And always read the label before using.