Rapid Panel - Poultry Housing

By: Rapidpanel  11-11-2011
Keywords: Dairies, Modular Design, seed storage

Rapid SIPS panels have proven to be of a great advantage in the agricultural sector. Our panels have been used extensively in the Poultry sectors of the Agricultural Industry, as well as being utilized for Dairies, Piggeries, Labour Housing, Pack Sheds, Seed Storage Facilities (where temperature control is important) Abattoirs, Fisheries, Wineries, Mushroom Sheds and Produce Storage.


  • Modular design allows quick, cost effective assembly, and minimizes site work.
  • A tongue and groove system secures all joins.
  • Thermally efficient insulation limits temp fluctuation and saves energy costs.
  • Hygienic, neat, white, washable interiors.
  • Units can be easily dismantled and relocated.
  • Design flexibility – easily modified, altered or extended.
  • Minimal labour required for installation.
  • System durability is greatly improved due to the use of Galvanized
  • and Chromodeck finishings throughout.
  • Panels are waterproof and can be washed/pressure cleaned for optimum sanitation.
  • The clean, uniform finish minimizes places for the harboring of bacteria or disease.

Keywords: Dairies, Modular Design, seed storage

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Rapid Panel Products - Specialists, Panel Manufacture and Engineering

Mortuaries Clean Rooms and Laboratories includes internal fittings, rack systems, mortuary beds, tiered mortuary trolleyeasy sanitization of germ-free environments, strict temperature controlair showers for sanitisation of personnel. Accessories customized doors and windows, office fittings, electrical plumbing and air conditioning,medicine cabinets, shelving, partitioning, pump housing, mesh screens, galvanized louvers.


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The main difference between using either a polyurethane core as opposed to polystyrene as the insulating factor, is that polyurethane has a higher insulating factor for the same wall thickness. As with our cold rooms, our freezer units are manufactured to the same quality, this time increasing the wall thickness and including floor panels for absolute temperature control.


Mobile Cold Room and Freezer Trailers

Manufactured from Rapid Panel (75mm polystyrene with 0.45mm chromadek facings) to ensure oprimum insulation and strength. Developed to meet the demand from the private sector and catering industry. An interior low energy light (fitted between the blower fans as standard).


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Other applications are for Poultry, Pigeries, Labour Housing,Pack Sheds, Seed Storage Facilities, Abattoirs, Fisheries, Wineries, Mushroom Sheds and Produce Storage. Purpose made tables or lockup cabinets are easily manufactured to suit various applications. Modular design allows quick, cost effective assembly, and limits the amount of site work. Windows and doors can be purpose made to suit various applications.


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Using our insulated panel and insulated roofing system, these units require little or no heating or cooling.We undertake to complete all interior fittings and finishes again, depending on the clients specific requirements.Advantages.