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By: Raphela  11-11-2011
Keywords: Mining, law

We are in a position to render professional services in regard to the following areas:

We have a real and enthusiastic interest in Environmental-, Water-, Mining and Occupational Health and Safety Law.

In this regard, we are able to attend to:-

• Environmental auditing and due diligence studies,
• Drafting environmental legal registers,
• Advising clients on land use planning and zoning,
• Environmental permitting
• Drafting opinions in respect of a wide variety of environmental, water, occupational    health and safety and mining law issues;
• Informing clients of the amendments to environmental, occupational health and    safety and mining waste, constitutional and administrative law legislation;
• Assisting in the performance of due diligence studies;
• We currently act for several mines in this regard;
• Drafting commercial contracts with regards to, inter alia, environmental, water,    occupational health and safety and mining law issues;
• Advising clients on environmental, water, occupational health and safety and    mining law issues pertaining to commercial contracts;
• Litigation;
• Giving lectures in respect of environmental, occupational health and safety, water,    mining, waste, constitutional and administrative law.

We service various mines and Corporates like Great North Transport; Seyengeti Mines, Limpopo development Corporation etc in this regard.

We have structured ourselves in such a way that we have the services of associates available to us on an ad hoc basis where we wish to entrust specific commercial matters to them. Taking into account that our Mr Raphela lectured at the University of the North in the Department of the Law of Commerce and has over the years practised as a commercial Lawyer and acted on behalf of clients like Sasol; Eskom; Johannesburg Development Agency; MTN; Sasol Mining; Sasol Polymers; University of Pretoria, Road Accident Fund, during which he has assisted them in commercial matters as well as the fact that we have built up communication channels over many years with colleagues or other competent and knowledgeable advocates, legal advisors and the like, we sincerely believe that we are in a position to properly attend to client's interests from a legal point of view.

Having done legal collections for various corporate clients, members of our firm have the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist clients when required with legal collections. We have a policy in regard to legal collections, which assures that a client at the end of the day will not get involved in costly legal excursions without any real positive result. In this regard we believe in proper management and communication between the attorney and the client in regard to processes to be instituted and the assessment of costs on an ongoing basis. We are prepared to negotiate with yourselves in regard to the investigation of matters at our risk before instituting further legal action. Such an arrangement will be in accordance with negotiations to be concluded from time to time.

We have at our disposal ITC search and other advanced debtor tracing systems to enhance our collection capabilities.

We specialise in, amongst others, the following:-

• Human resources policies review;
• Procedures;
• Disciplinary hearings as Prosecutors/Initiators and Chairperson;
• Forensic Investigations;
• Pre-dismissal inquiries;
• Individual Development Plan;
• Risk management;

Complex legal opinions in terms of Municipal Financial Management Act, PFMA, Municipal Systems Act, Local Government Legislations and Supply Chain Management. Isaac Raphela is not only qualified in this field, having an Advanced Diploma in Labour Law, but has extensive practical experience in this field, having acted for the Technikon Northern Gauteng, Eskom and Sasol and many other corporates & parastatals. He has also given lectures to clients and advise clients regularly as far as Labour Law is concerned. Mr Raphela lectured the course at a senior level (LLB). Our work in this regard is well documented up to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

As far as these areas are concerned we are in a position to render the required services, especially due to the fact that members of our firm have over the years acted on behalf of financial institutions, property developers and private clients. We are also in a position to do other conveyancing work that may be required by commercial ventures, such as the registration of servitudes and here we have in mind notarial servitudes in regard to gas pipelines or electrical power transmission lines, rights of way, etc.

We have extensive experience regarding the above. Mr Raphela was in fact in the employ of the Road Accident Fund for some time and is well acquainted with the requirements of the Fund with specific reference to the standard of services to be rendered to the said Fund.

Various staff members have experience of these matters. Mr Raphela has been involved in estate planning and the establishment of trusts for various clients from time to time.

In his capacity as a lecturer, attorney and arbitrator, our Mr. Raphela was directly and indirectly involved in investigations of different kinds including, but not limited to fraud and related activities.

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Keywords: law, Mining