Minotaur - Release Log

By: Raging Bull Tech  11-11-2011

Minotaur V2.50

What was released as part of Minotaur V2.5?

Minotaur V2.5 is a major update version with predominently support for BizTalk 2010.


Support for BizTalk Server 2010

Register new BizTalk Group - Added BizTalk Database dropdown

Allow remote access of Minotaur user interface

Minotaur V2.01

What was released as part of Minotaur V2.01?

Minotaur V2.01 is a routine update version with a few minor enhancements and defect corrections included.


Support for multiple instances of SQL on one server

Validations on Minotaur configurations - will not allow you to register a new group before completing configuration setup

Included a "Reset All" button on the operations dashboard

Defect Corrections:

Fixed "Empty dataset" error when accessing BizTalk objects and Disk configuration pages when no items have been configured

Minotaur V2.0

What's new in Minotaur V2.0?

Minotaur V2.0 is the culmination of month's of tireless effort to bring the most powerful version of Minotaur to the market. Minotaur V2.0 has been enhanced to provide a more intuitive user experience with the focus on being able to perform monitoring and configuration tasks in less time, leaving your adminstrators and operators with time to perform more pressing administration tasks than to do routine monitoring of BizTalk.

The monitoring engine has also been enhanced to have a smaller footprint in your environment, while at the same time delivering effective monitoring of your BizTalk Enterprise environment.


Complete re-engineered user interface to simplify basic tasks and functions

Monitoring Engine

Enhanced notify once functionality

Introduction of Server Ping and Memory monitor

Enhanced Health Monitoring on all BizTalk objects types

Minotaur Front end monitoring configuration screens

Introduction of summary section with statistics

Enhancement of configuration grid and maintenance screen

Introduction of set operations on configurations – Delete, Update and Add

Introduction of statistical graphs for  analytical purposes

Introduction of Last ‘n’ Violations grid

Landing Page

Introduction of a new landing page with configuration summary information and Last ‘n’ Violations across all monitors

Last ‘n’ Violations with quick links to history graphs

Registration Dialogs

Enhanced Registration, Deregistration and update license functionalities

30 Day Trial license now included with new installation


Enhanced dashboard

Minotaur Settings

Enhanced Settings functionalities


Improve product memory management

Defect corrections

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Minotaur - Products - products

There are a few good off the shelf products that do BizTalk Server monitoring; with many of them focusing on application specific monitoring and not so much on the environment surrounding the BizTalk Server deployment and the applications running in the environment.


Minotaur - Installation

Logged on user a) Your logged in user requires administrative rights on the server you are installing Minotaur to, as well as the SQL server you are installing the Minotaur operational database on (must have sysadmin privileges for the duration of the installation and the BizTalk group registration process).


Minotaur - Features

The release of Minotaur V2.0 brought Minotaur's great new usability features as well as enhanced monitoring capabilities to the market. The operator or administrator can reset a violated item which will reset it to green status until such time the next violation occurs. All monitored objects are displayed on the dashboard, with the objects in violation bubbling up to the top of the dashboard in RED.