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By: Rafae  11-11-2011

Firming body

A deep acting treatment with powerful firming and oxygenating properties. Specially formulated to help smooth out bumps and dimpled skin to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Rafae’s scientifically developed natural formula soothes and improves overall texture, helping  skin to yield a younger and firmer appearance.

Rafae’s Advanced Anti-Cellulite Firming Cream stimulates blood flow assisting in the removal of toxins. The body can  then function normally and begin to utilize the overabundance of lipids in the dimpled cellulite area

Breathless Firming Cream With Q10

Breeze Intensive Treatment & Firming Cream with Evening Primrose Oil & Q10

Classical All over Boosting & Firming Cream Green Tea Extract, Evening Primrose Oil & Q10

Body Cellulite Treatment serum

Body Tensor Gel

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Matusadona | Rafae Spa Products

The Baobab tree must be one of the most intriguing trees growing on the African continent – and is often referred to as the “upside-down” tree, Baobab oil does far more than just moisturize the skin and this rich, golden oil also helps to improve skin elasticity, encourages regeneration of skin cells and does not clog the pores.


Honeybush Range | Rafae Spa Products

The positive cosmetic effect of these natural antioxidants is that they protect the human skin from damages caused by free radicals and this has an anti ageing and healing effect on skin aliments and irritations. Honeybush Man Range, All in One shower n shave, Honey bush Massage candle, Honey bush Polisher, Honey bush Body Butter, Honey bush Body Cream, Honey bush Shower Gel, Honeybush lip balm.


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Pomegranate & Grapefruit Shower Gel. African Sunset blend body Cream. African Sunset blend body Scrub. Quince & Soya Milk Body Butter. African Rain blend body Cream. Quince & Soya Milk Lotion.


Honeybush Body | Rafae Spa Products

The one ingredient found specifically in the Honeybush Anti-Ageing day care cream will provide your skin with a radiant and youthful appearance, a smoother, softer feel and long term reduction of lines and wrinkles. The positive cosmetic effect of these natural anti-oxidants is that they protect the human skin from damages caused by free radicals and thus have an anti-ageing and healing effect on skin ailments and irritations.


Various Blend Body | Rafae Spa Products

Once you indulge in our products you will always come back for more. Specialise in creating different and memorable experience. A great bath and beauty products, here at Purete we. African Forest, African Mellon, Coffee, African Joy.


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Purete massage candles are made from the highest quality ingredients, with only 2% wax, hand poured and infused with essential oil extracts, each RaFae massage candle symbolises sheer elegance and simplicity.