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By: Rae & Associates  11-11-2011

Bank Manager

Eliminate the hassles of manually capturing transactions from your bank statements with this nifty download. Use the Bank Manager module to manually grab any bank statement from any major bank. Your system will then map each transaction according to the corresponding ledger accounts, with an automatic assignment of transactions after each import.

Cash Manager

For any business, in any industry, the Cash Manager will become an invaluable download to suit your needs. This module will attempt to optimise any collection process on the debtor’s side. This is a highly practical system, allowing hands-on automation of your debtor’s books. If you have a valid Pastel Cover contract, this module should be highly considered.

Time and Billing

Many businesses rely on timesheets in order to track their employees’ work; this is used in order to correctly bill their customers once the employee has completed work for them. This module makes it easy to create a series of activities that will become the services that are offered to your customers.

Point of Sale

POS are the systems that virtually every single retail outlet employs in order to track their goods. The Pastel version is a marked improvement over the stand-alone POS software systems that are currently available. The display is simple to read, this ensures that even your most junior of staff will be able to correctly utilise this Pastel Partner add-on.

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For those who wish to create a comprehensive operating environment, Pastel Evolution will meld all aspects of your business into one, creating a holistic, unified view of your company. As your company grows, so will Pastel Partner – there are many modules that can be added to the main accounting package, allowing anyone to tailor-make their ideal accounting package.


Accounting | Payroll | Pastel

Pastel Accounting, Pastel Evolution Accounting, Pastel Payroll and Pastel Evolution Payroll, in fact all the Pastel suites of products have telephone support included in their annual licence fee. As staff members leave the company and replacements are employed, we are available to bring the new employees up to speed with their knowledge so that the transition is as smooth as possible.


Pastel Payroll | Accounting - Software

Nine out of ten accountants trust and heartily recommend Pastel – as for more than 16 years, Pastel has remained the premier brand to consider in regards to accounting software. It is a proudly South African team that develops Pastel, which means that it caters specifically for the South African business model as well as international business models.


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