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By: Quik Securities  11-11-2011
Keywords: access control

Access control is one of the most common and important security products in many area's of the day to day security arena. This type of security is important when there is traffic flow into or out of a specific area as to eliminate unauthorized personnel.

The problem with conventional access control products is that they typically require some kind of disk that can fall into the wrong hands or get “left at home” or require a password that can be easily be copied.

Time attendance is an extremely important function in any Human Resources department or payroll system, as this determines the weekly wages. This is a very important function for most industries and factories!

Sometimes a simple lock just wont work, and a turnstile or barrier is required.

Our Physical Barrier section is comprised a collection of products that present a mechanical barrier which will prevent entry unless authorized by the fingerprint scanner, which then collects the data which can be downloaded at a later stage.

This section contains products such as turnstiles, gates, booms/barriers and many more! 

Keywords: access control