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By: Quickform  11-11-2011
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"QuickForm is easier to use, requires less training, saves time, costs less and is more accurate than any other data collection tool."

Accurate Data Essential for Marketing Surveys

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QuickForm is much cheaper that traditional solutions like


it has cut costs by 75%!

Adv. Andre Maas, Managing Director Debtpack Holdings.

  • Each double sided A3 form has 2, 000 data points.
  • Social and municipal support decisions are made based on these surveys, so the survey must be complete and accurate.
  • Once back from the field all documents must be checked and verified to ensure that have been completed fully and that the data has been captured accurately.

Capturing Survey Forms Simply & Easily

Digital Pens allow field staff to complete Survey Forms easily and accurately. Each Survey Form is unique and marked with a special Anoto micro dot pattern that allows the pen to pick up exaxtly what the field staff has recorded. This has reduced survey turnaround time from 6 weeks to 12 hours.

QuickServer is used to check that each form is complete and if there is missing or incomplete data what the next step should be.

Marketing Surveys in Outlying Areas

The field staff find the pen natural and easy to use. The pen has amazing storage capability so for market surveys done in outlying areas, it only needs to be docked and charged weekly. Due to the small file size, the data is uploaded using GPRS which is cheap and generally available.

“This is really data on the move”. Riaan Conradie, National Municipal Manager, DebtManager, Southern Africa.

Keywords: Data Collection, managing director

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