Transfer data between Excel and SAP with Quadrate software - version of erp C B C AE released

By: Quadrate  11-11-2011
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Version of ERP²® Released

July 1, 2011 - Quadrate releases version of ERP². This version contains the following new features and bug fixes:

Version (July 1, 2011)

New Features:

  • Uploads containing more than 999 line items can now be uploaded.
  • Users can simulate data uploads without committing changes to SAP.
  • Long text can be changed in BDC recordings using the newer SAP text editor.
  • Multiple Templates and Upload Mappings can be exported and imported at once.
  • Enterprise Clients will prompt to auto update when Enterprise Server has been upgraded.
  • Installer is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit machines.
  • Improved performance with Office 2007 XLSX files.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Conditional scripts in upload mappings applied to the first line item of a loop would cause the upload to fail.
  • After updating the name of a field in the template editor a newly created load file would not reflect the changes made.
  • Moving a column from the detail to the header level in a same file mapping would not update the mapping.
  • Deleting tags while in use would throw an unexpected error.
  • Hitting enter on the duplicate template name message would attempt to start the recording again.
  • Groups would not be hidden after removing all the templates in a group.
  • Selecting another SAP system after a logon failure would never use the stored credentials.
  • The relationship editor would come up twice after closing a data source.
  • Users were unable to open data sources from the Data Sources tab in the Upload Mapping Browser.
  • The logs would not always refresh correctly when changing the log filter.
  • The template editor would prompt to download field descriptions when the Descriptions check box was unchecked.
  • Multiple same level loops could not be created without a field being modified between the loops.
  • A templates execute every x and then y line items was only saving a maximum value of 1000.
  • Canceling out of the log on dialog would present the user with an error message.
  • A message would not be displayed when a log was successfully exported.
  • The selected item in the upload section would not always scroll into view during a refresh.
  • The file explorer would attempt to load the Desktop folder first before loading the load file folder causing potential performance issues.
  • Backup sheets would automatically be mapped when Upload Mappings were created from Load Files and the Backup option was set.
  • Highlighting in the relationship editor was not showing with white text when an item was selected.
  • Attempting to restore the original template contents on a template that was renamed during import threw an error.

Keywords: File Folder, SAP

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Transfer data between Excel and SAP with Quadrate software - version of erp C B released

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