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By: PwC  11-11-2011
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Services Movable assets
Creation of an asset register
All assets are marked or identified with aluminium bar code labels and then linked to a location, cost centre, department, individual, building etc for electronic tracking purposes in future. Offices or working areas are also marked with bar labels tags in order for all assets to be electronically linked to locations. At a later stage all assets in a certain office/ location can be electronically verified bar code scanners. Balancing the fixed asset register with the general ledger
After the creation of the asset register phase, assets are valued and the register balanced to the general ledger. At this point in time the client would normally exercise the option to integrate our “BAUD - Bar Coded Asset Audit” software into the financial system, use BAUD as a stand-alone asset register, or upload the result of our asset register into the financial system. Asset counts or stock takes
With the assets bar coded, conducting electronic asset counts or stock takes is easy and time efficient.
The following methodology is followed:
  • Due to the fact that rooms or locations are bar coded as described above, the asset count starts by electronically scanning a room or location, thereafter scanning all assets inside the room and then scanning outside of the room. The programme then creates a file of assets “seen” during the asset count. After all the rooms or locations have been scanned, the data is downloaded and electronically compared with the database as per the original installation or the previous asset count.
  • The system then generates the following management reports:
    • Assets verified in the correct room or location.
    • Assets not verified during the asset count.
    • Asset missing from BAUD (assets labelled but not processed on the database).
    • Assets in the wrong location.
    These reports enable us to advise clients on actions to manage their asset database and only concentrate on problem areas, for example assets not verified.
  • Monthly update and maintenance of the register
  • On a monthly basis, or as agreed with the client, we can update the register as needed. All new purchases, disposals and month-end runs for depreciation purposes are executed on behalf of the client. All reports are then submitted and discussed with the client.
  • Outsourcing of the asset register
  • As per agreement, various aspects of maintaining the asset register can be outsourced to us on a continuous basis.

Keywords: Asset Register, scanning